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  • Designer: Duncan K. Anderson
    School: Lahti Institute of Design
    Type of work: Student Project
    Country: Finland

    Discover is a project that was entered into the student Starpack 2014 competition. The brief was to create a promotional tool for design agency Webb deVlam and the task was to pick a product that symbolises their company and design the packaging accordingly. The project took the Starpack Gold Award, Webb deVlam Sponsored Award and the Nampak Champion Award.

    A 3D printed telescopic golf club and balls with packaging that functions as the goal. Golf was chosen as a subject as it's a game of bonding, experience and rejuvenation. 3D printing was chosen as it exemplifies the structural and technological capabilities of the company and is a product that would interest corporate clients.

    The golf club is printed in one piece fully assembled and is designed using elements from the Webb deVlam logo. The objects are printed using SLS nylon.

    The transparent front represents the belief Webb deVlam have in openness and honesty.

    The layers of cardboard represent the layers of expertise that are built to form the structural integrity of the company.

    The colours are those used in the interchangeable logo and they reflect the creative vibrancy of the company. The feeling was inspired by the edges of their business cards which create an exhilarating spectrum of colour when stacked together.

    The number three is important in the design as it represents their tag-line Discover Innovate Design. It’s also the three offices they have in London, Chicago and Singapore.

    The Aim
    The aim of the product and packaging is to bring people together in the way that they bring clients to their target audience; building meaningful and natural connections through discovery, innovation and design.

  • Designer: DAJEONG LEE
    School: Hoseo University
    Type Of Work: Student Project
    Country: South Korea

    DraWing (From the words "Draw" and "Wings")
    -Theme: Spreaded wings on white parper
    -A eco-friendly stationery package, DraWing was born for enhancing kid's creativity. Each contains various stationeries depending on its' form and characteristics.
    -We support child's hopes.
    -Drawing is a stationery package that made for improving kids' imagination.
    -We make it with eco-friednly woods, so it is okay to put it in mouth
    -Our all goods are refillable.
    -Put the stationery in holes

  • Designer: Kim SoJeog
    School: Hoseo University
    Type Of Work: Student Project
    Country: South Korea

    When all ten fingers are spread, you can see them as a flower in full bloom. The concept was to give warm hearts by showing flowers in ten fingers. This is an eco-friendly product that has the function of protecting the hands of users. Ecora use four flowers, which is made in shapes of fluid and solid that are normally used by many people. The graphic design for Ecora is designed by a shape of each flowers, and to show that the aroma therapy is spread over the hands. Most importantly, the flower was shaped in organic form with soft colors, and gradations of colors to feel like the product is part of the nature. The concept of its package design is a shape of a hanger, which is mostly connected to detergent. And the shape of hanger is changed into the heart shape, meaning this product will protect the hands of users.

  • Designers: Andreas Wikström, Erika Teljing and Hanna Mellin
    School: Linnaeus University
    Type of work: Student Project
    Country: Sweden

    Food package for a fictional product line of heat-n-eat meals. Large Package: Main course. Small package: Dessert. All the meals contains only 360 kcal each.

  • Designer: Minyong Park
    School: Hoseo University
    Type Of Work: Student Project
    Country: South Korea

    'Berry Tok' is a compound word using onomatopoeia of berry and beads bursting. This product is composed of bead form dressing different from existing liquid form dressing. You can enjoy the salad with unusual chewy texture by sprinking the beads on the vegetables or fruits.

    Produced the form by shaping the beads and round feeling of berry and designed the product from the image of berry laying on the salad Using colors matching each of the tastes, it this product was designed with the theme of healthiness and freshness in mind.

  • Designer: Seojung Kim
    School: Hoseo University
    Type Of Work: Student Project
    Country: South Korea

    'Fling' is a compound word of "flower" and "ing" meaning flower is growing.

    'Fling' is a flower pot product including edible flower seed consumer can cultivate at home and eat right away.(can add edible flower leaf to several dishes.)

    Designed the paper by reflecting the curves, form and images of flower growing package to get a effective mobility from the consumer.

    (In this piece) A unique color was put in for each flower to illustrate the theme of flowers growing freshly.

  • Designer: Ji Hae Sung
    School: Hoseo University
    Type Of Work: Student Project
    Country: South Korea

    "By.herb" is a product that is designed to easily grow herbs at home.

    Once you open up the stand pouch, the seed inside will begin to sprout.

    Using a cheer, see-through plastic pouch, you can watch the seeds slowly develop into herbs.

    The package design was done with the illustrations of herbs.

    It is not made by using computer graphics, instead of the design was hand-drawn to the deliver the warmth that nature gives out.

    By putting herbs on your window side or on a small table at home, feel the breath of nature.

  • Designer: Kim Soonhee
    School: Hoseo University
    Type Of Work: Student Project
    Country: South Korea

    "ON-SAE-MI-RO" means the nature itself.

    Following the growth of people looking for well-being products, it is an upgraded rice paper made from advanced crops.

    It is designed after the form of nature's crops and curves of environment, The unique color of each grain was used as a color theme and applied onto the package so it can approach towards customers more efficiently.

  • Designer: Soyeon Kang
    School: Hoseo University
    Type Of Work: Student Project
    Country: South Korea

    The Lurve is a perfume made out of roses.

    It is limited edition for both men and women and sold only on coming of age day.

    Also, by putting different meaning into each color of roses, it gives special meaning to both gift-giving person and gift-receiver.

    It is shaped as a nose for smell. Compared to old products that are simple, the Lurve is beautifully designed.

    The graphic is inspired from how the faint scent spreads.

  • Designer : Hyojung Jung
    School: Hoseo University
    Type Of Work: Student Project
    Country: South Korea

    "WOODITH" is wooden utensils. Since it is made out of wood, it doesn’t have any EDCs, protecting the health of people dining at the table.

    As an environmentally friendly product, it consists of small and large bowls, plates, and cups.

    The name ‘woodith’ is a word that is put together with wood and health.

    The image of bowl was expressed from a letter ‘o.’ If you look at the package, the cross-section of tree was used to give the feeling of a wood.

    Also, it looks like a tree stump to make it look more environmentally friendly.

  • Designer: Sunyoung OH
    School: Hoseo University
    Type Of Work: Student Project
    Country: South Korea

    Hantea is an oriental tea that cures headache, fatigue, indigestion and stomachache. As Hantea is made for busy people, the package itself is used as a tumbler that contains the teabag hanging from the cap. You may simply pour hot water in the tumbler and enjoy the taste of the tea.

    As it is an oriental tea, the images of asian culture is expressed by using kraftpaper for its special texture and calligraphy for the logo.

    And for the exterior of the product, a gradation that is bright on top and dark on the bottom is used to show the apprearance when the tea is brewed in the water.

  • Designer: Hwang Jihee
    School: Hoseo University
    Type Of Work: Student Project
    Country: South Korea

    Vickers is the world's smallest shoe that is made out of rubber, which harmless to human body. Because of its flexibility, it fits to user’s feet perfectly, making it suitable for everyone. It is easy to carry, and suitable for sports, such as yoga, gymnastics, and swimming. Stylish patterns were put to express that the shoes can be stretched, and those patterns show the movements sports precisely, showing the purpose of the shoes. By using craft paper, express a comfortable and to express active and energetic image of exercise, vivid colors are used such as orange, green, purple, blue, pink. In addition, shape of package can open from the middle. It is very comfortable when we put a product into the package.

  • Designer: Flora Cruells Benzal
    Type of Work: Student Project
    Country: United States

    School design/packaging project where we were asked to create a line of cheese of our choosing. The project consisted of a minimum of one large round, a medium cut into 6 wedges and at least ten mini rounds.

    Since I am from Catalunya, I chose a specific cheese from the mountainous region of my country; Garrotxa.

    Garrotxa (also known as "pell florida", meaning "bloomy rind" in the Catalan language), is a traditional artisanal goat's milk cheese. It is aged in the humid Pyrenees caves in order to enhance mold development, and later on it is coated with ash which allows the development of its deep flavor.

    Knowing these unusual characteristics, I decided to produce a design that it was clearly Catalonian (reminiscent of stained windows in old churches), and used some darker colors, such as dark blue or black, in order to portray the idea of the caverns and the ash.

  • Agency: Teles - Brand Design Studio
    Designer: Carlos Teles
    Product Design Credits: Felipe Mascarenhas, Wilson Sakata, Pedro Venetucci, Pedro Henrique
    Client: Cachaça Sentinela
    Country: Brazil

    Sentinela is a Brazilian organic alcoholic beverage company, like Cachaça, a popular drink on Brazil. We created a new brand and a “special edition” packaging to be sold in pubs, clubs, and restaurants. The concept is inspired by the rustic look to refer to manual labor, and natural ingredients.