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  • Designers: Andreas Wikström, Erika Teljing and Hanna Mellin
    School: Linnaeus University
    Type of work: Student Project
    Country: Sweden

    Food package for a fictional product line of heat-n-eat meals. Large Package: Main course. Small package: Dessert. All the meals contains only 360 kcal each.

  • Agency: Neumeister
    Client: Triakata
    Type of work: Commercial work
    Country: Sweden

    Latvia is one of the greenest countries in the world. And the farmers still call their cows by names. For Latvijas Piens, a farmer’s cooperative, Neumeister evolved the brand of cheese its members produce for both local sale and export. In the Trikata line of products, which roughly translates to “three cats”, cheeses are now packaged with images that instantly communicate the “Closer to Nature” values that all of the cheeses embody.

  • Designed by: Great Works
    Client: Our/Vodka
    Country: Sweden


    With a small, stubby bottle, simple geometrical shapes, black and white typography and a crown cap, Our/Vodka sets out to redraw the vodka map in the US, Europe and Australia. In addition to the disruptive design, Our/Vodka also introduces an unconventional business model, with local entrepreneurs launching microdistillery ventures in their own cities.

    “A lot of vodka brands have been fighting for the same market turf for a long time, trying to outdo each other with taller bottles, more gold, diamonds and the same overstated, luxurious design. We wanted to break those conventions and rethink what a vodka bottle could look like. It was time for a new type of premium,” says Mårten Magnusson, art director at Our/Vodka and Great Works. Mårten had never designed anything similar before, but Our/Vodka has already won him a Silver Lion in Cannes.

    The small bottle is kept very simple, with a paper label featuring a handwritten logo giving personality and soul to the brand. Each bottle also gets a local touch as the vodka is named after the city where it is produced. After a successful introduction in Berlin, Our/Vodka – the first global vodka with local roots – sets out to redraw the vodka map. Together with local partners, Our/Vodka, a Pernod Ricard brand, will open micro distilleries in eleven cities across the US, Europe and Australia. Our/Detroit will open during the summer and Our/Seattle, Our/New York, Our/Amsterdam, Our/Los Angeles & Our/London later 2014. Our/Austin, Our/Miami, Our/Nashville, Our/New Orleans and Our/Melbourne will follow.

    “In every city, a local entrepreneur will engage with the local community and open a boutique distillery with a back-to-the-roots mentality", says Åsa Caap founder of Our/Vodka and former Innovations Director at Pernod Ricard.

    Our/Vodka is made according to the same recipe, but every distillery will use ingredients sourced as local as possible. This means that each city, not only lends its name, but also a specific local character to the vodka. The local partners also have the freedom to market the vodka in their own fashion.

    Our/Vodka is smooth and fresh with a fruity note, and composed to mix well with any mixer.

    Our/Vodka was developed by a small group of entrepreneurs and ended up as a start-up project under the umbrella of Pernod Ricard. It is a unique concept for marketing and distributing vodka and it was initiated by Åsa Caap and co-created with Kalle Söderqvist, Mattias Nyström, Ted Persson, Ola Persson and Mårten Magnusson from the Swedish agency Great Works.

  • Agency: Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery
    Designer: Eric Calderon
    Country: Sweden

    Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery is currently working on a quirky little project called The Birdhouse Cookies. Weird name huh? But it actually describes exactly what it is. It's a box of cookies that can be turned into a bird feeding house. Coming from Sweden, with it's sometimes harsh winters, The bitter cold can do to these tiny creatures. So I wanted to do something about it. The concept explores the idea of making packaging that has afterlife and multi purposes.

    Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery (NSID) is a small research / design Lab based in Sweden and Finland. NSID explores and develops products beyond our imagination. Among NSIDs work you can find the No More Woof, Flower Shell and Wall of Sound.

  • Agency: Bakerscape
    Country: Sweden

    Ignorin is the first over-the-counter tablet in Sweden which subdues migraine pain with anti-inflammatory diclofenac. Bakerscape received the task from Actavis to create a design and an idea for the new brand. Ignorin was to attract a female market. The ideal target market image was a young Hillary Clinton…professional but womanly. There is a fine balance with medicine, determining how pharmaceutical a product needs to be visually to be perceived as effective. Ignorin was to stand out from the typical medical look. At the same time, red is a given colour in the migraine segment and needed to be taken into account.

    Bakerscape tapped into the idea of acoustical cushioning and sound absorption materials. After all, migraines are known to be so painful that one wants to cushion the head from movements, sounds and lights. The red, when toning into a rich magenta, became modern, fresh and feminine while still connecting to the migraine norm of red.

    The new packaging was released in the beginning of March 2014. Check out more Bakerscape's work on Packaging of the World

  • Designer: Rasmus Nilsson
    School: Academy of Art University
    Country: Sweden

    The aim of this project was to rebrand and create new package design for a light bulb manufacturer.

    I choose Litetronics which is a supplier of lightbulbs to retail stores and among them interior design stores. I decided that to launch their rebrand they would make a limited series of bulbs to appeal more to these areas. System was build on the use of contrasting typography, bright colors and flower bulb illustrations to evoke the concept of their beautiful light.

    This was done as a school project at Academy of Art University and does not necessary reflect the values nor design of the actual brand.

  • Designed by Kollor
    Country: Sweden

    With coconut sugar for sweetness, Himalayan salt for saltiness and wholemeal flour from spelt, à la eco has created a flavorful and wonderfully soft organic liquorice. A perfectly balanced encounter between salty and sweet, produced with care.

    Kollor has created the overall design for à la eco, including the branding of the company, various printed matter and of course the packaging design concepts.

  • Designed by TBWA Stockholm
    Country: Sweden

    TBWA continues to evolve the design for Renée Voltaire, this time in the breakfast product range. The body of work included conceptualization of the range as well as naming and design.
    Renée Voltaire was one of the first players in the organic segment. When the brand launched it was relatively unique in design.

    Now, as more and more brands have taken organic positions and signal organic cues in their communication, it was time for Renée Voltaire’s design to take the next step – to once again stand out on the shelves.

    The breakfast range is named Lovely Morning, inspired by the thought that a good morning can set the tone for the entire day. Because of this, bright, energetic colors and symmetric patterns were used to instill a sense of vibrancy and balance. The range includes three different flavors of Crunchy Granola and Fruity Nutty Muesli.

    Art Director Alexander Fredlund and Designer Christian Styffe are responsible for the design and illustration work at TBWA. The working group also includes Håkan Engler, Planner and Robert Schelin, Account Director.

  • Designed by Neumeister, Sweden.
    Client: Spendrups

    Re-launching a classic

    Whoever said you can’t recreate the past, apparently never told Spendrups master brewer, Richard Bengtsson. Inspired by archives and a fascination with historical brewing techniques, Bengtsson did just that, re-launching a Swedish classic that hadn’t been around for over 50 years. Although Melleruds brewery is long gone, we wanted to respect the rebirth of its prized pilsner with a design language that presents the nostalgia and unvarnished aesthetic of the 1940s in a way that is current and inviting. Everything from the logotype to label design and packaging takes you back to a time when simplicity trumped sophistication, colour was a fad, and the words ‘ordinary’ and ‘traditional’ were considered high praise. Fast-forward to the present and you’ve got design that gets noticed, because it is honest. That stays fresh, because it is authentic. The perfect dressing for a beer Bengtsson considers “just as it should be.”

  • Designed by Erenstråhle & Wågnert , Sweden.

    Yollibox is introducing frozen yoghurt for the Swedish market. Made with only natural ingredients and 70% yoghurt it' a given choice. We made the packing design for the four flavors; Natural Tart, Chocolate, Strawberry and Mango.

  • Designed by Neumeister, Sweden.

    Liquid Industries wanted to create a ready to drink brand with an exciting design concept, able to compete with other established alcoholic beverages such as Bacardi Breezer, Xider and Smirnoff Ice. It had to make a statement on the bar shelf and attract both a female and male target group.

    We created “True Sins” – a concept inspired by the Louisiana Hoodoo culture. It’s the kind of potion that you could suddenly stumble upon in a liquid store somewhere in Baton Rouge. Almost like a hidden treasure and definitely one of a kind with its home made feel, from the inside and out. True Sins is fit for any redneck as far as design goes but what’s inside is something much sweeter. This is the potion that will make your evening a bit more successful.

  • Designed by Neumeister, Sweden.

    Expertise through generations

    When a farm known for its artisanal oil and food products has been family owned for 4 generations, heritage and tradition form the usual brief. But Gunnarshögs Gård came to us looking for more — an identity that not only conveyed their legacy, but also signalled the market leading expertise they had earned over generations.

    With that challenge in mind, we sought to celebrate past success with a wholly modern expression. Marrying a graphic drawing of the actual Gunnarshögs farm with a persistent typeface and carefully chosen colour palette. Resulting in an identity that radiates appeal and tells a story of exquisitely modern products from a family company.

    The distinctive G logo, inspired by how rap seed oil is cold pressed, anchors the new look bringing recognition and unity to the product range. Serving to also carry the Gunnarshögs mark of excellence into print material, signage and website.

  • Designed by Morkman Reklambyrå, Sweden.
    Creative Director: Ola Mork. Graphic Design: Anne Lindgren

    Sigtuna is a micro brewery in the city of Sigtuna, outside Stockholm. The brewery was founded in 2005 by a number of beer enthusiasts. The brewery has received numerous awards for its beer and the success continues.

    The new label design aims to highlight the premium image of the different beers. Today Sigtuna is sold both at the monopoly retailer ”Systembolaget” and the finest restaurants.

  • Designed by Rexam, United Kingdom.

    Femme boost and rexam recognised by industry to win best retail packaging innovation award

    Femme Boost and Rexam have gained global recognition for the packaging, design and concept of the unique female-focussed energy drink from Sweden. Competing against recognised beverage giants, Femme Boost was shortlisted at an industry awards ceremony at this year’s drinktec and went on to win ‘Best Retail Packaging Innovation’ at Anuga, the world’s leading food fair for the retail trade and the food service and catering market.

    Sugar free and made from 100% natural ingredients, Femme Boost is targeted at women looking for an energy drink alternative to the existing sweeter offerings in the category.  In order to represent the natural and feminine characteristics of the product, Femme Boost and Rexam designed the 250ml slim can with pink matt varnish and black handwritten letters to appeal to women.

    Vahi Toosi, founder of Femme Boost says, “Winning ‘Best Retail Packaging Innovation’ is a great achievement, especially given the global competition we were up against. We could not have achieved this without Rexam; the team’s total understanding of the product enabled us to achieve our vision and pushed the boundaries throughout the whole process.

    “Also being recognised as a finalist at Drinktec in categories including ‘Best New Brand or Business’, ‘Best New Beverage Concept’ and ‘Best Beverage Ingredient’, we are confident in the appeal of Femme Boost and we are looking to expand into markets beyond Sweden and Norway in 2014.”