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  • Agecny : Agua Design
    Art director : Agua Chou
    Graphic design & Illustration: Ya-Ting Chang
    Client: 7-11 City Cafe
    Country: London, United Kingdom

  • Designer: Amy Claire Thompson, South Africa
    Client: 40075, United Kingdom

    Repcillin Facial Moisturisers with Crocodile Oil

    UK-based company '40075' appointed South Africa-based designer Amy Claire Thompson to design packaging and labelling for cosmetic brand 'Repcillin' after her success in designing the brand's new logotype. Combining the healing benefits of pure Nile Crocodile Oil with other high-performing ingredients, this versatile product range offers authentic and highly effective skincare solutions to various skin issues and conditions. Based on a growing demand for natural traditional remedies to restore skin to its optimum health and vitality, the brief was to create packaging distinctive enough to attract attention, that is a 100% recyclable to promote low resin weight PET jars and bottles.

  • Agency: Xs Media Inc.
    Designer: Jason Wildes Twist
    Client: Truffle & Co.
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: United Kingdom & United States

    The redesign of Truffle & Co.'s boutique brands snack division. The relaunch comes as the company has secured distribution deals with major London and New York City specialty grocers.

  • Agency: Dragon Rouge
    Country: United Kingdom

    Deliciously sustaining on the go

    Building on its strong reputation as provider of oatcakes and oat-based products born out of natural Scottish provenance and the positive benefits of oats, Nairns Oatcakes Ltd spotted potential, alongside the growing breakfast biscuits category, for a deliciously sustaining oatcake snack brand tailored to busy people on the go.

    Dragon Rouge has a well-established working relationship with the Nairns team and was delighted to define the opportunity and help create the brand.

    Together we identified the most promising proposition, promoting the sustaining health benefits of oats with tasty berries to make a filling snack, and summing this up in an evocative name: Muesli Breaks. This provided a springboard for development of a distinctive pack design.

    Dragon Rouge’s design focuses on strong stand out with its bold, punchy typography and a berry-based colour scheme, integrating with inviting photos of the muesli-break oatcakes and fruit and oats content. Each carton contains individually-wrapped packs of 2 sustaining oatcakes with graphics to reflect the wide variety of snacking occasions: breakfast, lunch, on the go, snack, fill, afternoon energy and more.

    Marie-Therese Cassidy, Creative Director at Dragon says “It’s always exciting to create a new brand from scratch and it was a real joy to work with the Nairns team to realise their ambition. Our young at heart, dynamic design makes a bold statement. Muesli Breaks invite both oatcake loyalists and a new audience of younger adults to buy into the Nairns brand and enjoy the power of oats to keep them going anytime.”

    Muesli Breaks is launching into Sainsbury’s on 6 April and into Waitrose and independent food shops in May.

  • Designed by Family (and friends)
    Country: United Kingdom

    Family (and friends) help brew up another new brand.

    Continuing their relationship with entrepreneurs and start-ups, Family (and friends) have just completed the brand identity creation and packaging for COUVA COFFEE COUTURE an innovative solution to keeping cafetiere coffee hotter for longer.

    With a brand idea built around ‘coffee couture’ - stylish ware for your cafetiere', Emily Savage-McGlynn, the lady behind COUVA has created a whole series of bespoke design cafetiere covers; using carefully sourced fabrics, button and innovative closure combinations to match your mood or décor. All are stitched in the UK.

    A playful pack structure was created from engineered card to resemble a cafetiere, as it was felt to do the best job in displaying the product use and fabric designs at point of sale – with little or no marketing support COUVA must sell itself off the shelf.

    The product will initially be available in 3 sizes, with correspondingly scaled packaging and will be sold through selected coffee shops, kitchen and department stores.

    The brand sees its unofficial launch this week (3-6 April) at the London Coffee Festival at The Old Truman Brewery in East London’s Brick Lane.

  • Agency: R Design
    Country: United Kingdom

    Knorr has engaged R Design to create the packaging for its free from artificial preservatives, colours or MSG, Flavour pots range.

    Inspired by the natural taste of the fresh herbs and spices captured in Flavour Pots the branding features a distinct colour palette in order to ensure both shelf stand out and aid customer navigation of the range.

    Creative director at R Design, Dave Richmond, commented: “We used a stainless steel spoon heaped with delicious fresh herbs and spices to show the versatility of Flavour Pots to conveniently add authentic natural flavours to any home cooked meal.”

    The Flavour Pots launch is supported by a £3.5m marketing investment and the project is part of an on-going relationship between Knorr and the design agency.

  • Agency: R Design
    Country: United Kingdom

    Knorr is Unilever’s biggest selling brand with annual sales of more than €3 billion.

    Since 2010 we’ve been involved in creating and developing some of the brands’ packaging designs for a number of International locations.

    These include ‘meal makers’ for Russia & the UK, wet sauces for Scandinavia and exotic wet soups for France.

    Clear communication of the brand or product proposition is at the forefront of the work we do here at R Design & our work on Knorr is a shining example of this approach.

    The use of simple motifs, such as the sauce boat for fresh sauces, ensures instant communication of the product whilst the silhouetted skylines on the exotic soups adds a real sense of provenance to the range.

  • Agency: R Design
    Country: United Kingdom

    The brief was to redesign Tesco’s range of fresh cream that covered over 30 lines. The existing design focused on serving suggestions. Whilst inspirational, this made the range very difficult to shop the specific cream type.

    The idea behind the new design was to create a quality seal that takes cues from old fashioned dairy cream pots. Bold typography is used to highlight the cream type, this is supported by strong colour coding of the seal that follows sector language. This strong simple idea was able to adapt across the various pot sizes and lids. The design also worked well when applied across range extensions such as Soured Cream and Crème Fraiche. The new design achieves a consistent look across the range, a strong shelf presence and succeeds in making the range much easier to shop.

  • Designers: Eve Warren and Thomas Squire
    School: Leeds College Of Art
    Country: United Kingdom

    Nada isn’t just a brand for healthy food, but a brand that communicates through fashion, beauty, well being and body confidence. These core values reflect across the brands packaging and visual identity, through the use of minimalism contrasting with an array of bright and geometrical patterns. Minimalism has been applied to the lid of the packaging, which represent the products value of innocence, health and well being. The patterns that have been applied to the container symbolises fashion, beauty, the fusion of flavours and various pasta / noodle shapes. The gold foil adds luxury.

    The Nada brand is an adaptive and flexible identity which is built upon a bespoke typeface which instills and encompasses our brand aesthetic and brand manifesto. The typography consists of 8 individual typefaces which when used dynamically build an adaptive brand identity. The logo mark has a static variant, this acts as the primary logo mark. However the brand is built upon the logo changing across products ranges and product types.

  • Agency: JDO
    Country: United Kingdom

    JDO joins Norwegian brand Solo in 80th anniversary celebrations

    JDO Brand Design & Innovation has partnered with the Norwegian brand Solo to celebrate its 80th anniversary. The orange flavoured soft drink brand is owned by four breweries, of which Carlsberg owned Ringnes is the largest shareholder. The agency has worked with Ringnes on several recent re-design projects including the Imsdal Aktiv and Farris water brands.

    JDO were briefed to develop an anniversary logo for the brand and to ‘bring back’ three successful Solo flavours from the past. The agency has created designs for all three limited edition anniversary flavours. Ringnes briefed JDO to consider the original labels to fully understand the heritage of the brand, but to move them on to designs that were more relevant for today.

    Solo was launched in Norway in 1934 and was the first soda brand that was nationally branded. It dominated the market (as the largest soda) up to the 1960s when Coca Cola took over as market leader. Solo then lost out to Pepsi and Fanta as the American brands successfully targeted heavy consumers of soft drinks such as teenagers. Today, Solo has regained its position as the largest non-cola brand and the third largest brand in the soft drink category in Norway. It is one of Norway’s strongest brands.

    JDO’s new designs are recognisable as Solo products by maintaining the majority of the brand’s current design equities. However, the ‘S’ of Solo has been changed to an ‘8’ to read 80, a simple yet effective device, clearly communicating the limited edition status of the packs and celebrating the brand’s 80th anniversary. There will be a tiered launch to the packs to build momentum with the different flavours launched in February, April and September this year. A series of brand events and multiple celebrations will also take place in Norway.

    Sean Harvey, JDO design director said, “Solo is a playful brand and we wanted to reflect this through its 80th anniversary packaging. Although we trawled through the archives for inspiration, in the end we chose to take a more modern and forward thinking approach, leveraging the current label design, but with a twist.”

    Marianne Hoy Erikstad, senior brand manager at Ringnes, commented, “This is a really exciting year for the Solo brand. Not only are we celebrating the brand’s 80th anniversary through JDO’s fantastic limited edition designs and a series of brand events during the year, but we are also thrilled that the brand has regained its rightful position in the market.”

  • Agency: Family (and friends)
    Country: United Kingdom

    TruVibe. Superfood with Attitude.

    Family (and friends) has recently helped TruVibe, a new brand of raw and organic superfood offerings get to market with the aim of encouraging a wider, more mainstream audience to trial the category.

    It represents a significant break into the US market for the agency, celebrating their 5th year next month.

    The 65% of consumers who are trying to eat more healthily are no longer focused solely on reducing food intake or on moderating their consumption of perceived 'dietary evils' such as fats, sugars and salts. Instead, new research from Datamonitor shows a trend towards 'positive nutrition' is emerging, with shoppers actively seeking nutrient-rich, fresh, organic and functional food and drinks*

    The TruVibe brand is focused on creating positive energy and building vibrant mind, body and spiritual health through great nourishment.

    “We are encouraging people to think before they choose their food path –because the cycle of great health starts with positive energetic vibes towards what you eat.” said Jason Dekker, Cofounder
    at TruVibe Organics. “Nothing tastes as good as feeling good feels. An ounce of what your body really wants is worth more than 100 pounds of what you don't want both in food and in life!” Dekker goes on to say.

    The brand officially launched on the 7th March at the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, California USA.

    The key challenge to success was finding a visual and verbal language that captured the TruVibe essence in a bold and joyful way to cut across the plethora of worthy and functionally focused competitors.

    The aim was to create some genuine human connection and interaction on pack, designed to speak to the spirit of “If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream of it, you can become it.”

    The first products to launch are a range of 16oz pouches bearing messages such as ‘Art is Life’, ‘Do it Now’, ‘Spread Kindness’ and ‘Live your Dreams’, that playfully bring to life this concept and maximize shelf impact. “The words act like windows into a ‘better world of you’ with big, inspiring vistas full of light and colour”. Said Alex Durbridge, Creative Director at Family (and friends).

    Further products will launch during the course.

    * source Datamonitor

  • Designer: Domenic Lippa
    Country: United Kingdom

    Actress Natascha McElhone, a dermatological biochemist and a team of leading plastic and cosmetics surgeons. An unusual combination of people to be behind a brand, but then HealGel is no usual brand. It’s a range of products originally created to help surgeons in their work, but which now provide high quality, effective skin care. And it was the products’ roots that informed the brand refresh carried out by Pentagram’s Domenic Lippa.

  • Agency: Dragon Rouge
    Country: United Kingdom

    Launching Cocio – a Danish icon

    Launching an established icon into a new market is a tricky business. Understanding Cocio’s heritage, its personality and how it fits with consumer attitudes has been critical in creating a compelling proposition to go to market. Translating this into a new look and feel that builds on the brand’s classic cues has been our challenge.

    For almost year, Dragon Rouge has been working closely with the Cocio team to refresh the brand, building on its iconic status, appealing to new drinking moments, whilst also creating powerful standout on shelf.

    Cocio has always taken pride in its unique and great taste so unlike any other dairy drink. Its natural and quality ingredients work together to create a refreshing product experience that adds enjoyment to many different occasions. The brand has both style and substance, perfect for our target audience of young urban adults who like to live life to the full.

    In order to maximise Cocio’s impact on shelf and celebrate the brand’s iconic status, Dragon Rouge pared back the design, removing superfluous graphic elements allowing the brand mark to be the hero. Silver foil is used in a minimal but effective way to cue premium and refreshment. This confident, premium and understated packaging design underpins the Cocio’s passion for quality.

    Kate Waddell, Insight and Innovation Director at Dragon Rouge says:
    “We’re thrilled to be a part of refreshing the classic and iconic Cocio brand’s positioning and identity and helping in launching it in the UK market.  The brand’s implicit premium, distinctively indulgent yet refreshing taste and iconic identity are perfect for the current market dynamics. Our research with consumers has shown the major potential for the brand in further shaping the renaissance in premium dairy in the UK and in creating very different occasions and experiences within dairy drinks.”

    Sara Robinson, Insight Manager at Arla says:
    “Dragon Rouge helped us to really get under the skin of the consumer in the UK market. Their new simple, clean identity really builds on Cocio’s status as an icon in its native Denmark and connects with young urban adults. By really paring back the design, they’ve created a product with real stand out, that stays true to its heritage.”

    Both Cocio Classic and Cocio One chocolate milk drinks will be on sale in major retailers from mid March.

  • Designed by SocioDesign
    Country: United Kingdom

    Büro is a men’s cosmetics range made from natural, sustainable ingredients. Designed to be used on a daily basis and tailored to the individual needs of the consumer.
    We created a new brand name, identity and packaging system that focused on the utility of Büro, removing the prettification and emotion that is more typically found in the branding of cosmetic and fragrance products. The use of unprocessed materials in the packaging helped to communicate the purity of the ingredients, thereby embodying its essence in our brand concept. Project is currently a prototype.