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  • Agency: BrandMe
    Designer: Adam Wilford
    Client: Heineken UK
    Country: United Kingdom
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work

    Limited Edition Anniversary packaging for Kronenbourg 1664 created by BrandMe

    BrandMe were commissioned by brand owner Heineken to create a celebratory packaging range to mark the 350th anniversary of Kronenbourg breweries.

    The brief was to create a striking packaging look that clearly endorsed Kronenbourg’s Alsace origins and heritage, whilst celebrating the unique quality of the hops that give the beer its singular flavour. The focal point of this design is an illustrated ‘explosion of hops’ emanating from the brand mark. This represents the qualities of French baroque style plus the celebratory feel of a bursting firework.

    This anniversary design has allowed BrandMe to hero the passion, pride and history of the brand whilst still maintaining the key brand equities from the core Kronenbourg design.

  • Designer: Mizanur Rahman
    Client: Xura
    Country: USA and UK

    The challenge was to design a premier luxury brand that oozes sophistication, modern and sharp, while also establishing a timeless look that will be recognised on the shelf. The client wanted a design that was especially striking and edgy. To look at what makes a timeless brand; to create Xura a symbol that is effective, striking and timeless. The bottle design most importantly must stand out from the crowd when there are so many products on the shelf already. The result is a brand that is sharp and minimalist, a look that disposes the excess science and cosmetic jargon and presents only what the customer wants to see. Xura will be launching late 2014 in the US and UK.

  • Designer: Hani Douaji
    Location: Preston, United Kingdom
    Type of work: Packaging Concept

    Trident Xtra Care is a chewing sugar-free gum that helps protect teeth and gums in between meals and gives a whiter brighter smile. I created a new playful and interactive packaging which enhance the main feature of the product "Protecting Teeth".

    A range of Six packs that represent three flavours, each pack has an illustration of a mouth with either mustache or lips. The chewing gum look like teeth through the mouth die-cut window. The Blister chewing gums is designed to look like a set of bright teeth on pink gums.

  • Agency: BTL Brands
    Location: London & Barcelona

    The Chatsfield is a fictional luxury hotel chain, and the setting for a new cross-platform romance series by publisher Harlequin / Mills & Boon. We were given the enviable task of designing the identity for the hotel, building the website, and creating a series of luxury promotional products to be sent to journalists and fans on launch day.

    We wanted the hotel to have a modern look & feel, but inspired heavily by art deco and top luxury brands like Chanel. The custom typography folds neatly into itself to create an iconic logo, which naturally becomes the centerpiece of the identity and packaging.

    The packaging system needed to be flexible, luxurious and iconic (yet achievable on a very small budget). Black, white & gold are recurring motifs in luxury branding, making it the ideal color scheme to give The Chatsfield credibility. The solution was minimal black packaging, wrapped in a delicate white bible paper, impeccably printed with gold ink and sealed with a gold sticker (unique to each hotel in each city). No ordinary printer could get our delicate wrapping paper through their machine, so each individual sheet had to be screen printed by hand. The result is satisfying to unwrap and truly exclusive.

  • Agency: Dragon Rouge
    Type of work: Commercial work

    Gourmet snacking that’s light on the conscience

    The Velvet Crunch brand was an underexploited gem in the Intersnack portfolio. It presented the combined KP and Intersnack businesses with a prime opportunity to build and grow a stronger foothold in the growing healthier snacking market.

    Dragon Rouge was delighted to be asked to explore the potential to optimise the brand positioning and how to promote the product’s superior eating experience and delightfully low calorie promise.

    We developed and researched alternative new propositions and brand expressions in an iterative creative exploration and consumer test. Within this process the opportunity for a ‘grown up’, more sophisticated flavour range and pack expression became extremely clear.

    Dragon Rouge’s new Velvet Crunch proposition and design heroes the brand’s sophisticated, full flavours and light-yet-satisfying eating experience. It cues real food ‘deli-style’ visual and verbal language and puts the ‘87 calories’ message firmly in the spotlight with the promise of ‘a delightfully moreish discovery’ as the on pack sign off.

    Kate Waddell, Managing Director of Consumer Brands at Dragon Rouge says:

    “It was an exciting opportunity to help to make Velvet Crunch’s superior eating experience and fantastic calorie claim really shine and to create a stronger brand for KP Intersnack which will provide a very credible platform for the business’ continued growth in the healthier snacking market place. Consumer research showed a real opportunity for a healthier snack which could deliver all the ‘grown up’ pleasure of a more indulgent snack, whilst not lying heavy on the conscience. Velvet Crunch offers a very unique way for women to enjoy a much more satisfying and sophisticated snacking experience.”

    Velvet Crunch Gourmet Bites start feeding into stores of the biggest Retailers (Tesco, ASDA; Sainsbury's and Morrison's) in July 2014.

  • Agency: One Darnley Road
    Designer: Roisin McAvinney
    Client: London Fields Soap Company
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: United Kingdom

    Launching as an artisan brand in east London, this new company wanted an identity that complimented their handmade, organic and beautiful products. The brand’s ambition is to “bring back the bar”, with soaps that are good for the skin and the environment. For their branding we looked to clean, graphic Art-Deco textile patterns that reflect both a history of craft and a modern sensibility.

    “We always want to make our soaps from only the best ingredients. In many instances those ingredients are good enough to eat.” So says founder of the London Fields Soap Company, Tabitha Kleinert. Approaching us with a vision of a traditional but wholly modern soap product, we worked with her to evolve an identity based around her brand goals.

    All of London Fields Soap Company’s products are made locally by hand in small batches in Hackney, east London. Ingredients include tea and peppermint, and they also make specialist soaps including a blend for cyclists. Choosing a range of art-moderne-inspired patterns for the labels, and elegant serif fonts also from the 1920s and ‘30s, we balanced these with bold sans-serif fonts to give the packaging a contemporary feel.

    The packaging was also inspired by place. The East End of London has a long tradition of textile design and manufacturing, including Warner & Sons, who were working in the fabric trade in Spitalfields since the early eighteenth-century, and who had a reputation for excellent weaving work of both traditional and modern patterns – through to the twentieth century. We drew on the visual grammar of craft as a way to define this new brand.

  • Illustrator: Jonathan Cusick
    Type of work: Commercial work
    Country: United Kingdom

    The Lost Block range was born when an impending storm forced the Tyrrell's vineyard crew to abandon a prized block of Hunter semillon to pick less storm resilient grapes. The 'lost' block was eventually picked days later and the winemaking team were so impressed with the characters of the finished wine, it was decided to give it a label of its own.

    “We decided to move the brand from the more traditional execution in packaging to something that graphically embraces the story of the Lost Block, with the introduction of a caricature of the vineyard manager, set in a number of winery and vineyard situations looking for the Lost Block,” explains Tyrrell’s sales and marketing manager, Mike Cutrupi.

  • Agency: Aloof
    Type of work: Commercial work
    Country: United Kingdom

    Branding Consultancy Aloof have designed packaging for Swell's Advanced Volumising Masque. This sits alongside Swell's 3-step system for fine, limp & thinning hair, also designed by Aloof. Most masque products are too heavy for fine hair. Swell’s unique super-light gossamer formula hydrates, repairs and builds remarkable body without overloading or weighing hair down.

    Swell is the result of two years of intense research into designing cutting edge natural formulas that really work for fine and thinning hair types. Aloof have been working with Swell since 2012.

  • Agency: Horse
    Client : Makers & Merchants
    Type of work: Commercial work
    Country: United Kingdom

    Design studio Horse has worked with the UK-based Makers & Merchants to create the packaging for over 40 eclectic food and homeware products, each one made by a specialist artisan.

    Horse created the brand name, identity and packaging for every product, ensuring the artisans behind each one had their stories of quality, craftsmanship and collaboration expressed through the different designs.

    "The brand name, Makers & Merchants, reflects the approach to product creation, while the strict colour palette and bold graphic style ensures a sense of family," explains Ian Firth, creative partner at Horse. "This allowed the freedom to playfully reflect the personality of both the product and artisan behind it."

  • Agency: threebrand
    Type of work: Commercial work
    Country: UK

    threebrand goes for gold with Graham’s

    Independent creative branding agency, threebrand has designed a new brand extension for Scotland’s largest independent dairy business.

    The Edinburgh-based agency created Graham’s The Family Dairy Gold Top brand, which officially launched at the Royal Highland Show last week (Thursday 19 to Sunday 22 June).

    threebrand was briefed to create the new range after Graham’s The Family Dairy renewed its UK license to produce and distribute the rich and creamy Gold Top milk product on behalf of the farming co-operative Quality Milk Producers Ltd (QMP).

    Campbell Laird, Managing Director at threebrand, commented: “Having worked with Graham’s The Family Dairy for nearly 10 years we have an unrivalled understanding of the brand and the vision for the farming and dairy business.

    “The identity for the Gold Top range, which includes two bottle milk variations, butter and double cream skus, was designed as a natural extension of the existing brand and features Graham’s signature welly boots along with images of the dairy’s award-winning Jersey cows.”

    Carol Graham, Marketing Director of Graham’s The Family Dairy, said: “Our arrangement with QMP is an important development for our business as it further strengthens the Graham’s The Family Dairy brand south of the border where we will now have significant shelf presence in all the major multiple and independent retailers currently stocking the Gold Top brand.

    “The new look for our range of Jersey milk products is in keeping with the Graham’s brand created by threebrand and our golden girl Jersey cows that feature on the labels create an extra special presence in the dairy aisle.”

    In 2011 threebrand completed a full brand refresh of the Graham’s brand, including all products, vehicle livery, collateral and the successful launch of spreadable butter.

  • Agency: Dragon Rouge
    Type of work: Commercial work
    Country: United Kingdom

    Discover Oykos Heavenly - divinely delicious yogurt indulgence

    In only 2 years since launch, Danone’s deliciously premium Greek-style yogurt Oykos brand has established an impressive position in the indulgent yogurt fixture, exceeding forecast expectations with sales of £29.2m, attaining 12% of the total luxury dessert market and an enviable position as the second largest luxury yogurt brand in the UK.

    So in recognising the brand’s success, and realising an opportunity to enhance the Oykos offering, Danone has now introduced an even more irresistible rich and creamy yogurt on a layer of on-trend flavours, Salted Caramel and Cinnamon Apple. The product is made to Danone’s very smooth, creamy Greek-style recipe and aims to further extend its presence on the premium UK yogurt shelf.

    Having created the original pack design for the Oykos range – launched in Strawberry, Peach and Pear 4-pot varieties and extended to Citrus last year – Dragon Rouge was invited to create the new sub brand and packaging. We aimed to build on its existing distinctive design cues to achieve stand out and true buy-me appeal. And, by exploring the positioning of ultimate indulgence with a touch of divine intervention, we coined the sub brand ‘Heavenly’ and applied this to the new twin-pack wrap and lid, leveraging the established semiotic codes to create an even more sophisticated and premium look and feel for this ‘the most irresistible indulgence you can imagine’.

    Esmé Roger, Senior Brand Manager at Danone says:
    “We are really excited about the launch of Oykos Heavenly. The combination of our heavenly new flavours with sumptuously rich and creamy yogurt makes Oykos Heavenly a perfect evening ‘me time’ treat. We are confident that the look and feel of Oykos Heavenly will help us cement consumer perceptions of Oykos as a truly luxurious and indulgent brand. ”

    Oykos Heavenly launches in stores nationwide throughout June.

  • Butcher & Gundersen push the boundary to create a set of cricket-themed limited edition labels for Marston’s Pedigree.

    As an official sponsor of the England cricket team, Marston’s have once again incorporated a cricket theme to their Pedigree beer labels, to support this summer’s Test Series. Designed by Butcher & Gundersen, this year’s creation feature a limited edition set of labels and the chance to win signed England cricket team memorabilia.

    Butcher & Gundersen created the six limited edition labels using stylised silhouettes of cricket players supported by famous cricket quotes, with a limited colour pallete that reflect both the Pedigree and England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB) brands, to achieve a unique, contemporary look for the celebratory labels. The Pedigree label has also moved away from the traditional oval label for the first time in its history, to reinforce a more up-to-date look.

    “It’s been great working with two such well established brands, having the opportunity to give Pedigree a bit of a facelift and incorporating the ECB identity to create a set of distinct, cricket-themed labels…and it’s been a fun project for the studio, with the cricket buffs checking their cricket knowledge and ensuring that the poses of the cricket players are accurate!” said Zeffy Dougekou, Creative Director at Butcher & Gundersen.

    Gaynor Green, Marketing Manager for Marston’s Brewing Company added: “This is a lovely, fun competition for sports and beer fans to underpin our association with the England cricket team – if only to remember the infamous lines that have generated many an on-air corpse or fit of the giggles!”.

    Now it’s over to the England cricket team to make the summer of 2014 a memorable one…but for the right reasons, of course!

  • Agency: ButterlyCannon
    Type of work: Commercial Work
    Country: United Kingdom

    Building on the success of the past two years, ButterflyCannon, have again been recruited to develop the limited edition packaging for this year’s Chandon Summer program, #ChandonSummer.
    The continued success of this annual activity has seen the program successfully rolled out across key global markets, specifically Australia and Asia Pacific. This success has caused the lead (US) brand team to adapt their thinking slightly and aim for the 2014 limited edition to be American Summer inspired with an internationally relevant feel.

    Morgan Robbat, Brand Director of Chandon, says “Our aim with the summer limited edition is to reinforce our position as the refreshing prestige sparkling wine that enhances the fun and casual glamour of summer moments. ButterflyCannon, are our go to agency for packaging design that captures superbly both the essence of the brand and the essence of the occasion, year on year they have produced designs that inspire engaging off pack opportunities during this key selling period.

    We are very proud of the continuing work we are doing with Chandon, the Summer brief is always an exciting and inspiring opportunity; the local yet international bent of this year’s brief added a new layer to the design work and allowed us to think more broadly about how the Chandon consumer experiences summer from a global perspective. The resulting design perfectly balances the unpretentiously chic and vibrant brand personality with an element of summer style and play, the iconography is routed in a summer truth the world over.” Jon Davies, Creative Director and Founder of ButterflyCannon.

  • Agency: Path
    Type Of Work: Concept
    Country: London, UK

    ‘Revó Pisko is the irrepressible companion to any night out, with a distinctly fiery disposition’

    Pisko is Peru’s best kept secret - a grape derived spirit that’s perfect neat, or as part of a cocktail.

    The rise of South America has been put into sharp focus by the Brazilian 2014 World Cup and upcoming 2016 Rio Olympics - as a result, the cultures found across the continent are being exported to Western economies in the form of food, restaurants and drink. This helped inform our decision to go with Peruvian drink, as consumers look to explore the South American continent beyond the glamour of Brazil.

    ‘Revó’ Pisko has been created by Path to tap into four prevailing trends: The age of crafted commodity, the maturing of the ‘Millennial’, shifts in perceptions of premium spirits and the growth of emerging markets.

    Peru’s rich history, and its bold spirit of defiance, inspired Path to create a Pisko brand proposition – one that delivers values of rebellious subversion and provocation.

    The Revo brand essence was defined as ‘the irrepressible companion to any night out, with a distinctly fiery disposition’ - focusing on not only the unique taste profile of pisko, but also its history as a product created in the 18th century as a rebellious reaction to the Spanish occupation.

    The branded graphics are skillfully weaved into a label with intended naivety and studied rawness, evoking a spirit of uncontrived authenticity.

    The history of Pisko informed the design and language of the branding which borrows heavily from the styling of spirit tax stamps, reflecting the heavy taxation that forced Peruvians to create pisko as an act of defiance. Paired with the textured, crafted values of the graphic, it unites to create the true rising 'underdog' brand. The reverse of the label shows a lino-cut style illustration with the phrase 'purely peruvian' which can be read through the product, to accentuate the clear, distilled quality of the spirit and to flaunt the true Peruvian origins of the drink

    The bottle shape has a unique fluid equity that sets it apart from other spirit genres, resisting the clichés of neighbouring categories and delivering on its defiant values. The bottle closure uses concrete, which not only creates a seal of quality but also eludes to the unique production method of distilling pisko in vast, concrete tanks.