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  • Designed by Maria Theron, Venezuela.

    This brandshift for the popular Arizona Tea line of cold, canned beverages shifts the visual language away from the ultra-bright, bombastic former sensibility to one that more mindfully pays homage to the pattern languages of Arizona's Native American tribes. in order to broaden the product's reach to a more upscale audience, the look and feel have been distilled to principally black and white, retaining jewel-like accent colors for key brand and structural components.

  • Designed by mnlprd, Venezuela.

    Illustration and labeling design for Beer company MITO. Sayona Red Ale 6,2 alc , Momoy Witbier 4,6 alc, Silbón Stout 4,7 alc adn Alcántara Imprerial Stout 6,8 alc.

  • Designed by Valentina Llorente, Venezuela.

    For this project, we were asked to take an existing product and redesign the packaging. I was inspired by the overall idea of Department 56 being the leader brand in the arts and craft, giftware, collectibles and holiday decorating industry; it is best known for their handcrafted lighted villages. However, this concept was born when I asked myself the purpose of buying something that was only going to be used at Christmas. The idea of this new packaging, besides following the arts and craft brand's essence, is to allow the client to reuse and recycle the product all year long; therefore, the box can be manually transformed into a lamp.

  • Designed by Valentina Llorente, Venezuela.

    This project’s objective is to apply the principles of design, geometric shapes, and the principles of dynamic symmetry in the design of a bottle’s label. Dynamic symmetry is a proportional system based on root rectangles and the golden section. Using this proportional system helps to create designs with compositions that are harmonic to their overall height/width format. LiveLarge Vodka has a modern, minimalist and sophisticated feel. Its logotype, created from the armature of 5-stacked root 3 rectangle, is inspired in the work of John Langdon, the father of ambigrams; a typographical art form designed in such way that it is still readable even when you rotate it 180 degrees.

  • Designed by Maria Theron, Venezuela.

    The project was to create a new brand for a supermarket, I created VITA market. Vita is latin for life, this is healthy, pro life market, interest in the wellness of its costumers. The logo is two cherries that create the form of a heart, heart means life, cherries are fruits that are healthy. All the packaging of the products are divided in two, on top is a metallic color and in the bottom you can see the product. Depending on the category they have a color on the top and if the food allows it you can see the actual product as the bottom part is a transparent case like the rice and pasta, but in the cans and yogurt is an image.

    After creating products for the brand the next step was the brand identity. The final piece of the project was an explicatory art board of 78x94 in to give all the information and process for the creation of the new supermarket.

  • Designed by Maria Cecilia Villegas, Venezuela.
    Type Of Work: Masters Thesis Project
    School: Istituto Europeo di Design Madrid

    This project rises from the need to provide a solution to the problem of plastic pollution that is currently increasing and gradually invading the ocean. From there, it was developed the collection of containers for various areas of food, currently packaged in some way with plastic elements.

    This containers are made of: StonePaper, paper produced from minerals, which is water and grease resistant, and made of, recycled cardboard, both materials 100% degradable over a period of 9 months. Besides this, the collection is designed based on principles of Origami, so that all the elements are folded flat for their distribution and storage, being easily built for its use.

    The aim is to reduce the environmental impact of food packaging, but in a different way, so rather than being only boxes of degradable materials, they are efficient containers, with an added value in its fold, presenting the food in an innovative way. Therefore they will be use by restaurants, groceries or markets that want to be eco-friendly an also give this added value to their products, framing them in the containers.

  • Designed by Valentina Llorente, Venezuela.

    Chocolart Galerie is both an exclusive chocolaterie and an art gallery; the store and packaging not only features the miniature pieces of edible art, but also different artists that are changed each month. As in art, the clients will become addicted to the sensory overload from the indulgence occurring the moment they let go of self-restraint and allow temptation to overtake them. Chocolart Galerie is just like an art gallery, however, the chocolate and paintings are exhibited at the same time; the clients will have the opportunity to select and buy any piece they fall in love with.

  • Designed by Mafe Sotillo Lairet, Venezuela.
    School: Savannah College of Art and Design
    Photography by Justin Sicard

    Limón y Sal is a margarita set created for classy women who live an elegant, yet modest lifestyle, who enjoy partaking in casual get together from time-to-time.

  • Designed by Valentina Llorente, Venezuela.

    There is something about fondue that promises more than the traditional sit-down dinner. It is a communal experience that invites conversation, delivers action, high spirits, and fun as well as good eating. You and your guests will not only have the opportunity to prepare the food together but also savor each bite in a lively environment. Petit Comité is the first fondue products line that solves the problem of driving around to buy everything you need in order to enjoy all fondue has to offer. This modern and sophisticated brand offers all the ingredients for an unforgettable culinary experience.

  • Designed by Mariana Ortega of Leo Burnett Caracas, Venezuela.

    Tequeño is a traditional venezuelan appetizer made of cheese.

  • Designed by Art Contrast, Brazil.

    With another Project alongside Diageo, Art presents its first international project and will be part of the biggest soccer tournament in Latin America, Copa América 2011, beginning July 1st!

    The Cacique rum, one of the most traditional and popular icons produced by Diageo Venezuela, has won two special sleeves for its traditional Ron Añejo, with references to the sports and the celebration of the games.

    One of the sleeves is illustrated with a cheering crowd among the colors of Venezuela’s flag – yellow, blue and red – the country of origin of the rum, where it is a best seller.

  • Zuñiga is the dream of Eduardo Molina – a 43 year old ex-bank manager with a passion for wine making, who inherited a small winery on the highlands of Barquisimeto in Venezuela. Eduardo asked Bulldog to help him conceptualize the brand around his unique vision and to develop presentation materials that would excite, inspire and ultimately, move investors to become stakeholders in his venture. We delivered a solution that included a situation analysis and strategic brief for Zuñiga. This served as inspiration for the development of visual recognition elements, including packaging for selected wines Zuñiga will go to market with.
    Designed by Bulldog.

  • Photo: Fabrizio Esposito

    Venezuelan designer Enrique Luis Sardi has teamed up with Italian coffee company Lavazza to create a master piece of green design: Cookie cup.

    First you drink the coffee, then you eat the cup! Brilliant. And perhaps many of us have thought of something like this at some point, but they did it!

    “The cup is made of pastry covered with a special icing sugar, which works as an insulator, and makes the cup waterproof hence allowing you to use the cup and then appreciate its taste.”

    This goes back to 2003, but it is never late to celebrate such a great product.