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  • Agency: Bratus
    Client: Gbox Studios
    Photography: Eric Huynh
    Type of work: Commercial work
    Country: Vietnam

    Gbox Studios aim is to create a full service offering clients the highest quality of work with a comprehensive understanding of modern production, their services include advertising, products, automotive, portraits, beauty, editorial photography and video production. Gbox is based in Ho Chi Minh City, one of the most beautiful city in Vietnam.

    We have developed and created an innovative strategy for Gbox brand identity, packaging, where the passion creativity and inspiring are platform for their activities.

    The DVD packaging, post Card, business card of Gbox was focused on the design elements and craft production, the products are used as a gift for their clients, we use some type of paper folding origami based on hexagons of brand mark.

  • Agency: Rice Creative
    Client: Excelso Coffee
    Images shot by Wing Chan
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Vietnam

    Excelso, one of Indonesia’s largest coffee franchises approached us to re-think and re-design their packaging line. Excelso produces 100% Indonesian Single Origin Coffee from the lush islands between the Indian Ocean & the North Pacific Ocean.

    Young Indonesians are on the go. They seek out membership and the opportunity to be a part of something original and true. Always at the vanguard of culture, technology and social developments they don’t just represent Indonesia’s future, they’re driving it, while evolving the countries identity. Bigger international coffee chains would like to take advantage of a “local pride” movement, however, only Excelso can fully own that. With 100% of it's sourcing, manufacturing and packaging on Indonesian soil, Excelso is truly a local brand for Indonesians to be proud of. No concept would be clearer or stronger for Excelso, than one that reminds the consumer where the coffee came from. Indonesian pride would be the driving force for the brand to proudly boast it’s Single Origin Coffee, and hence our clear direction for the new design. Proudly Indonesian coffee for Indonesia.

  • Agency: Bratus
    Creative Director/Designer: Jimmi Tuan
    Graphic Designer: Hai Au
    Account Manager: Hien Nguyen
    Client: The Lesbian Donkey
    Type of work: Commercial work
    Country: Vietnam

    The Lesbian Donkey is a business that was founded in 2013, with main office in Plomari.

    Plomari is a famous town for growing and olive oil production of Lesbos, a Greek island. Olive oil products in this region is famous for the pure and high nutritional value with harvesting methods traditional and crafts.

    Donkeys are animals associated with the lifestyle of the people here. They are beloved donkey and the donkey image used to promote the tourism industry as well as olive oil produced here.

    However, all the olive oil brand here mostly spontaneous and does not have a brand really stand out to entice users to remember as well as compete with other brands on the market, although production their products are quality.

    Foreseeing this situation, with the determination to advance and promote strong brand olive oil family tradition as well as enhance the competitiveness with other brands in the region, Spiros – boss of this brand has decide build a new olive oil brand to match the new business strategy, with the rather unique name: The Lesbian Donkey.

    “Lesbian” is the brandname was connect from letter “Les” in Lesbos, the boss of this brand want have a di erence brandname and make everyone more impressive and memorable, so Lesbian was choose. This’s the reason why this brand have name : The Lesbian Donkey

    "In today’s world investing in your brand is the foundation for success of your business. Working together with the Bratus has been an excellent experience. They have provide us with great designs and the unique branding features to market our olive oil. Cooperation with them is warm and they are always available for communication and further understanding of our needs and desires. In them we de nitely found the agency that we needed " Spiros Avgiris, Director, The Lesbian Donkey.

  • Agency: red brand builders
    Client: Kimberly Clark
    Type of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Vietnam

    Leveraging a new global brand identity, Kotex Vietnam saw an opportunity to refresh their brand id locally and to enhance their packaging design & teen characters to appeal to the ever-changing, Vietnamese female, youth segment – the 4th largest Kotex market globally.

    The red brand builders team was tasked with working with the Kimberly Clark Vietnam and New York teams to deliver a fresh, new packaging design and character to consistently communicate the core brand personality and a wide range of Kotex Style product variants.

    The red team researched emerging trends both locally and regionally that impacted the style and tastes of the target audience.

    Chris Elkin, Managing Director, red brand builders, added “The Kotex Vietnam packaging design and teen character was then revitalized, carefully considering the target audience lifestyle and the very latest youth trends. This key step ensured that the new communications design would accurately appeal to and express the latest style of the Vietnamese target audience.”

    To make the buying process as easy as possible, close attention was also given to how the target audience navigates and chooses their preferred Kotex Style product at a busy and fragmented point-of-sale channel, including how the product is used; by day or night, style, fit and absorbency.

  • Agency: Rice Creative
    Type of work: Commercial
    Country: Vietnam

    La Diplomate celebrates tea. They offer 60+ teas from all over the world. We created the visual identity, and packaging solutions for the gorgeous 18th century storefront which sits on a quaint pedestrian lane in the center of Bordeaux, France, a newly labeled UNESCO World Heritage site. We sought a bolder look for tea as we found their offering to be a head spinning array of complex flavors. First a story was developed about this mysterious Diplomate who once traveled the world in search of the rarest, finest teas. From here we created her likeness in a simple mark. We combined modernist type with classic detailing for a look which is not time specific. One can experience the history and colorful complexity of tea at La Diplomate. The interior is the result of Thomas Daviet, an interior designer based in London, who commissioned Rice Creative to develop the brand and design the visual identity and packaging. As well as the tea, the space and the brand identity have been inspired by a mix of references through History and Geography: a timeless design for an ancient product. Original features of the shop, include a 17th century fireplace, metallic office ceiling from the 80's, and guilded detailing. Just like the Lady Diplomate, this shop is from an undisclosed time. She is independent, chic and open to the world.

  • Agency: The Color Club
    Designer: Mai Ngoc Que Lan
    Creative Direction: Remy Jauffret
    Client: By Nature
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Vietnam

    Our task was to brand, name and design packaging for a range of healthly fruit juices. After exploring various concepts, we chose to develop the Fruitbox brand around a fun-loving, humorous personality obsessed with naturally sourced fruit. Inspired by an outdoor farmhouse feel, careful consideration was taken to combine quirky informative illustrations with well art-directed photography to give the key ingredients lots of personality. The first steps of a communication campaign have been undertaken with the focus on health and nutrition for the whole family.

  • Agency: Rice Creative
    Photography by Wing Chan
    Country: Vietnam

    Air France approached Marou Chocolate to commission a specially designed Marou chocolate bar for their annual charity gala. The theme would be celebrating the Paris to Saigon route. Marou and the Rice Creative team quickly put their heads together and offered something traditionally beyond the brief. A connected 3 bar set which draws inspiration from the extraordinary graphic history of Air France, the wonders of Vietnam, and that silky smooth ride in the sky at 30,000 ft.

    We asked Marou Faiseur de Chocolat co-founder, Samuel Maruta for his thoughts on the collaboration:

    "To us AF was definitely not just another airline, but a piece of history that resonates strongly with what we do: bridging France and Vietnam through a great product."

    As history buffs we knew that Air France turned 80 this year, it’s a grand old age for an airline company, but the roots of what became Air France go even further to the dawn of commercial aviation when passengers were bona fide adventurers and the pilots freshly reconverted heroes of the Great War. It’s a downright intimidating heritage. So we were particularly excited work with AF.

    For us Air France stands for a certain art-de-vivre up in the air that we’ve all enjoyed: the staff in gorgeous uniforms, enjoying a glass of real champagne in your seat, good food, and the memory of vintage posters that were an invitation to travel the world.

    The first regular flight between France and Saigon took place in February 1931, the plane was aptly named ‘Champagne’ and the company that chartered the flight was Air Orient, one of several companies that merged into Air France in 1934. From Air Orient, AF not only inherited long routes that hopped in over a week from Europe to South East Asia through the Middle East and India but also a very distinctive logo: the winged seahorse that still discreetly adorns AF planes and that we just love (I think our designers do too).

    A fabulous history, a link between France and Vietnam and a symbol of refinement: 3 aspects that we chose to illustrate in our collaboration with Air France, creating a truly special gift set for the guests at the Gala." -Samuel

  • Designer: Mai Ngoc Que Lan
    Client: Passio
    Type Of Work: Commercial Work
    Country: Vietnam

    Passio, one of the few distributor of high-quality, certified organic coffee. The new design which is included in itself serial of coffee packaging. Using rough material is the way to highlight their individual characteristics and mix modernity and natural. The differentiation is a key element of Passio's identity, as it reflects the unique nature of each coffee.

  • Agency: Rice Creative
    Client: Coca-Cola
    Country: Vietnam
    Images shot by Wing Chan & Joshua Breidenbach

    Tết (Lunar New Year), is the most celebrated holiday in Vietnam. It's a time for sharing good fortune, happiness and new years wishes with family and friends. Coca-Cola is widely consumed during this festive season.

    Spread happiness and Tết appreciation with Coca-Cola.

    To create a series of Coca-Cola cans which spread millions of Tết wishes nation wide. We utilized Coca-cola's Tết symbol (the Swallow Bird) as the device to form these wishes. For each can, hundreds of hand-drawn swallows were crafted and carefully arranged around a custom script, which together form a series of meaningful Vietnamese wishes.

    "An", means Peace.
    "Tài" means Success,
    "Lộc" means Prosperity.

    These words are widely exchanged throughout the holiday, and traditionally adorn Tết decorations.

    Millions of "Tết wishes" were spread throughout the country and shared by people of all ages. The simple act of sharing a Coke was transformed into a meaningful gesture. Sellers from supermarkets and small street side shops took pride in decorating their shelves with Coca-Cola, as points of sale around the nation became festive environments. Suddenly, Coke was a reminder and a carrier of the fundamental spirit of the holiday.

  • Designed by Brian Rodrigo Llagas, Vietnam.
    Design work for Attention Vietnam

    Saigon-based Filipino designer Brian Rodrigo Llagas developed the packaging design and structural packaging for the Yen Viet brand of processed bird’s nest products in Vietnam.

    In a sea of gaudy-looking metallic silver and gold bird’s nest packaging, Yen Viet products definitely needed a way to stand out on the shelf. They also needed a well-structured packaging design system that will help them achieve a more consistent brand identity across their product line and in their different product variants.

    Taking into account the similarities in visual styling of their competitors that was mostly very ornamental and all gloss, he came up with a design solution that is at the opposite end of the spectrum and instead focused on the organic and natural quality of the product. This also helped reinforce the message that the products have a higher composition of bird’s nest in them than the competitors.

    This packaging design work was developed for Attention Vietnam.

  • Designed by Rice Creative, Vietnam.

    Cointreau approached us to create a limited edition pack for them. This pack was to help them communicate one of their most successful cocktails, by including a shaker with the bottle, and some simple instructions. This cocktail was to be made interesting to a female audience. This package also lined up with the Tet holiday in Vietnam, and Cointreau requested we consider this in the design.

    To communicate Tet, we developed a Tet inspired pattern to literally line the inside of a feminine handbag-like pack. We felt this solution effectively communicated a feminine touch to the Tet holiday. Being greatly inspired by Cointreau's heritage, we developed classic look for the devices which contained the messaging.

  • Designed by Rice Creative, Vietnam.

    For the 1st anniversary of Marou Chocolate's existence on earth, The founders held a celebration at the chocolate factory outside Saigon, Vietnam. The guest were a collection of individuals who had helped the brand in some form or another.

    As our gift to Marou, we created a set of unique items to commemorate the milestone occasion

    We stayed up very late one night, recalling all of the key events Marou had been through over their past year, and scrawling out a sort of treasure map. This map was screen printed in Marou gold and folded into the size and shape of one of their chocolate bars.

    Next we created 12 unique chocolate bar labels ( one for each month of the brand's existence ). We took liberty with the Marou brand elements, and stretched the possibilities of them appropriately for a small and Marou savvy audience. One bar even features some logos and a brand name that were "killed" early in the branding stage, The labels were screen printed in the same manner as the map. The bars were individually bound with a map, for each guest, so that guests could compare, trade and experience a different part of the story together during the event.

    Lastly, guests had the chance to grab one of our limited edition Marou jungle shirts, which features a hand drawn "Marou Mobile" in action ( the La Dalat car they use to collect cacao around Southern Vietnam ).

  • Designed by Rice Creative, Vietnam.

    Last Tết, we created a co-branded Rice Creative & Marou bar to gift to our clients. Tết is a holiday adorned in gold, and we followed right along by trading in the standard Marou gold for a bright and gleaming gold foil stamp. The result was festive, to say the least. The bar, with a hand drawn year of the snake emblem was wrapped in rice paper. The rice paper got a hit from a custom year of the Snake chop, wrapped in twine, hand addressed & hand delivered. Happy Tết 2013.

  • Designed by Rice Creative, Vietnam.

    Marou had received many requests for a tiny counterpart to their regular 100g Bar. A 4g Napolitain piece was created. For Marou's visit to the Salon Du Chocolat in Tokyo. We developed an elaborate packaging solution to introduce the new product. A billboarding box was developed, which could contain 20 of these 4g pieces. We designed 10 different styles of tiny glassine wrappers which hug the little chocolate pieces. Messages are experienced as one peels back each little flap. One reads "your daily hug" another, "Hand crafted in Vietnam, with love."