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  • Agency: Rice Creative
    Client: Coca-Cola
    Country: Vietnam
    Images shot by Wing Chan & Joshua Breidenbach

    Tết (Lunar New Year), is the most celebrated holiday in Vietnam. It's a time for sharing good fortune, happiness and new years wishes with family and friends. Coca-Cola is widely consumed during this festive season.

    Spread happiness and Tết appreciation with Coca-Cola.

    To create a series of Coca-Cola cans which spread millions of Tết wishes nation wide. We utilized Coca-cola's Tết symbol (the Swallow Bird) as the device to form these wishes. For each can, hundreds of hand-drawn swallows were crafted and carefully arranged around a custom script, which together form a series of meaningful Vietnamese wishes.

    "An", means Peace.
    "Tài" means Success,
    "Lộc" means Prosperity.

    These words are widely exchanged throughout the holiday, and traditionally adorn Tết decorations.

    Millions of "Tết wishes" were spread throughout the country and shared by people of all ages. The simple act of sharing a Coke was transformed into a meaningful gesture. Sellers from supermarkets and small street side shops took pride in decorating their shelves with Coca-Cola, as points of sale around the nation became festive environments. Suddenly, Coke was a reminder and a carrier of the fundamental spirit of the holiday.

  • Designed by Brian Rodrigo Llagas, Vietnam.
    Design work for Attention Vietnam

    Saigon-based Filipino designer Brian Rodrigo Llagas developed the packaging design and structural packaging for the Yen Viet brand of processed bird’s nest products in Vietnam.

    In a sea of gaudy-looking metallic silver and gold bird’s nest packaging, Yen Viet products definitely needed a way to stand out on the shelf. They also needed a well-structured packaging design system that will help them achieve a more consistent brand identity across their product line and in their different product variants.

    Taking into account the similarities in visual styling of their competitors that was mostly very ornamental and all gloss, he came up with a design solution that is at the opposite end of the spectrum and instead focused on the organic and natural quality of the product. This also helped reinforce the message that the products have a higher composition of bird’s nest in them than the competitors.

    This packaging design work was developed for Attention Vietnam.

  • Designed by Rice Creative, Vietnam.

    Cointreau approached us to create a limited edition pack for them. This pack was to help them communicate one of their most successful cocktails, by including a shaker with the bottle, and some simple instructions. This cocktail was to be made interesting to a female audience. This package also lined up with the Tet holiday in Vietnam, and Cointreau requested we consider this in the design.

    To communicate Tet, we developed a Tet inspired pattern to literally line the inside of a feminine handbag-like pack. We felt this solution effectively communicated a feminine touch to the Tet holiday. Being greatly inspired by Cointreau's heritage, we developed classic look for the devices which contained the messaging.

  • Designed by Rice Creative, Vietnam.

    For the 1st anniversary of Marou Chocolate's existence on earth, The founders held a celebration at the chocolate factory outside Saigon, Vietnam. The guest were a collection of individuals who had helped the brand in some form or another.

    As our gift to Marou, we created a set of unique items to commemorate the milestone occasion

    We stayed up very late one night, recalling all of the key events Marou had been through over their past year, and scrawling out a sort of treasure map. This map was screen printed in Marou gold and folded into the size and shape of one of their chocolate bars.

    Next we created 12 unique chocolate bar labels ( one for each month of the brand's existence ). We took liberty with the Marou brand elements, and stretched the possibilities of them appropriately for a small and Marou savvy audience. One bar even features some logos and a brand name that were "killed" early in the branding stage, The labels were screen printed in the same manner as the map. The bars were individually bound with a map, for each guest, so that guests could compare, trade and experience a different part of the story together during the event.

    Lastly, guests had the chance to grab one of our limited edition Marou jungle shirts, which features a hand drawn "Marou Mobile" in action ( the La Dalat car they use to collect cacao around Southern Vietnam ).

  • Designed by Rice Creative, Vietnam.

    Last Tết, we created a co-branded Rice Creative & Marou bar to gift to our clients. Tết is a holiday adorned in gold, and we followed right along by trading in the standard Marou gold for a bright and gleaming gold foil stamp. The result was festive, to say the least. The bar, with a hand drawn year of the snake emblem was wrapped in rice paper. The rice paper got a hit from a custom year of the Snake chop, wrapped in twine, hand addressed & hand delivered. Happy Tết 2013.

  • Designed by Rice Creative, Vietnam.

    Marou had received many requests for a tiny counterpart to their regular 100g Bar. A 4g Napolitain piece was created. For Marou's visit to the Salon Du Chocolat in Tokyo. We developed an elaborate packaging solution to introduce the new product. A billboarding box was developed, which could contain 20 of these 4g pieces. We designed 10 different styles of tiny glassine wrappers which hug the little chocolate pieces. Messages are experienced as one peels back each little flap. One reads "your daily hug" another, "Hand crafted in Vietnam, with love."

  • Designed by red brand builders, Vietnam.
    Creative Director: Lenny Schaberg
    Managing Director: Chris Elkin
    Account Director: Uyen Nguyen

    “Fristi regains its superpower”

    Fristi, from Friesland Campina Vietnam, has been a long-time market leader in the kids nutritious sour drinks segment in the fast-growing Vietnamese market place.

    Over time however the brand image, logo, packaging design and on-pack characters (Jazzmin and Nero) started to lose relevance due to kids and mum's greater exposure to new international influences, choices and local nutritional concerns.

    Fristi faced the challenge of losing it's unique market position and leadership. The brand's key characters and shelve presence were in need of a younger, hipper and more appealing image to attract modern kids, while mum's nutritional concerns also needed addressing.

    Following substantial research and workshop sessions, the red team's solution was to reinterpret the Fristi brand positioning and resulting branding and packaging to give the brand a more modern, relevant spin, to bring back the superpower of the Fristi brand.

  • Designed by Mai Ngoc Que Lan, Vietnam.

    Passio approached me at the beginning of their rebranding and developing adventure, with the mission to build the brand's visual identity and packaging. Inspired by rough material, we sought to develop packaging system with the right mixture of modernity and natural. To highlight the hand-made, artisanal quality of the coffee itself, we commissioned a printing shop to use the traditional silk-screen printing techniques to hand print the design in antique Passio-green ink on each box sticker. The finished packaging is then given to Drip Coffee who then hand wrap the sticker.

  • Designed by Rice Creative, Vietnam.

    When Wallpaper* Magazine discovered Marou Chocolate, our client, they felt that this singular dark chocolate, hand-crafted in Saigon using purely local ingredients was a perfect match for their third annual Handmade issue (an issue with a focus on unique products combining luxury, craft and inspiration). Marou offered to create a special edition Wallpaper* chocolate bar in time for exhibiting at the 2012 Salone de Mobile in Milan. The packaging we designed for this occasion would stay true to the inspiration behind the standard Marou chocolate bars and press further the attention given to lovingly hand printed details. We strayed some from the traditional motifs of the standard bars to embrace a more modernist approach while incorporating the well known Wallpaper* asterisk mark. It began by creating a new background pattern, which moved away from the traditional lattice and organic elements, replacing them by geometric elements forming an extension of the Wallpaper* asterisk.

    The same hand mixed inks and screen-printing methods used on the standard Marou packs were employed, but a new palette of hues would be used, derived from the Wallpaper* handmade seal. The seal even informed a limited edition version of Marou’s Monogram for this occasion. The final touch of hand embossing some of the pack’s design elements set the stage for a fully considered hand crafted piece.

    Images shot by Arnaud De Harven

  • Designed by Rice Creative, Vietnam.

    Chocolate makers working directly at the source of the cacao farms are still very few and far between. Marou Faiseurs de Chocolat, based in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) is one such company who have created the first single origin gourmet bean-to-bar chocolate to come out of Vietnam.

    Marou was founded less than a year ago by two adventurous Frenchmen. They decided, to use the small amounts of cacao beans harvested, fermented and dried on small family farms throughout the Mekong Delta and southern highlands of Vietnam, to make an extraordinary chocolate.

    Marou approached Rice Creative at the beginning of their adventure, with the mission to build the brand's visual identity and packaging.

    Inspired by Marou’s unique story, we sought to develop an identity and packaging system with the right mixture of modernity and tradition. The most exciting aspect of the product for us, was that each variant of Marou Chocolate could be based on the province from where the cacao beans grow. The geographical location of the farm and its soil determines the characteristics of the cacao beans and therefore the flavour of the chocolate.

    After much deliberation, we found the simplest way to create a system for the bars was to name each bar after the province where it’s beans originated, and ascribe a natural colour-shift. Seeing the Trinitario cacao pods first hand, we found a greatly inspirational spectrum of hues. Deep vermillion to ochre yellow, grass green, midnight blue, and flushes of peacock aqua all appear.

    We wanted the packaging to be strongly linked to Vietnam. We began collecting beautiful ceremonial papers that are still produced by artisanal printers in Cho Lon, the old Chinese quarter of Saigon. These papers are hand printed with intricate traditional lattice patterns. Typically, the patterns are adorned with illustrated fruits, flowers and auspicious animals. Inspired by this illustration style we hand drew our own original chocolate oriented ornaments of cacao pods, flowers and leaves, throwing in some heavenly looking clouds for the tropical monsoon. Our custom lattice pattern keeps a traditional look and creates a framework to incorporate some modernist typography, inspired by the old signage still found around the country.

    To highlight the hand-made, artisanal quality of the chocolate itself, we commissioned a local printing shop to use the traditional silk-screen printing techniques to hand print the design in antique gold ink on each wrapper. The finished packaging is then given to Marou who then hand wrap the chocolate bars.

  • Designed by Giang Nguyen, Vietnam.

    Identity & packaging design for ODIN, a company producing and retailing men's grooming supplies & skincare. The brand targets contemporary, young, dandy gentlemen.ODIN promotes qualities of the god of the same name: gentlemanly, wise & poetic. Classic but not ritual, old-school but not hipster-like, fashionable but not fancy, refined but not luxurious.

    The design solution has the look and feel of old apothecary sold by sailors at the port in the old world. The packaging design aims to promote that ODIN’s products are naturally made, hand-made and finely-crafted, limited & made to order rather than commodities industrially mass-produced.

  • Designed by Studio Egregius, Vietnam.

    The Hill Station is a business marriage of fine dining restaurant and deli/boutique, located in Sapa, Vietnam's highest region. The client wanted a brand which both reminisce the essence of French Indochine days while standing independently as a contemporary identity.

    The Hill Station products ranges from fresh produce harvested straight from local farms, limited packaged delicacies such as wild honey, rice wine... to gourmet charcuteries or handmade silverware. At the same time, The Hill Station signature restaurant is a renovated French outpost, with a view from the clouds.

  • Designed by Vuong Nguyen, Vietnam.

    Vinataba is the biggest cigarette manufacturer in Vietnam. In the middle of 2010, they decided to develop a new top-class product line to compete with famous foreign cigarette brands. The briefing was given to our agency in September that year, our team worked together during two first months to create tons of package design solutions. After five rounds of presentation and three rounds focus group, this is the winner. Fortunately, it's still kept (mostly) the original look since the concept phrase. Its metallic paper up the design to the next level. The design must match these criteria: masculine and bold to demonstrate the strong but smooth taste of cigarette, and last but not least: unique.

  • Vietnamese folklore tells us that a benevolent dragon resides in each of the nine mouths of the Mekong River. It is in the hillock areas of these fertile Delta lands that the unique strain of dragon blood rice grows full and lush.

    The rice is Eco friendly and Fair Trade. Furthermore husking, sifting and packaging are done by local villagers creating additional employment. It is also healthier Rice; during the husking process, the bran layer is only partly removed, as it is within the bran layer that the majority of beneficial nutrients are stored.

    Designed by Scott Lambert, an English Graphic Designer working in Bahrain. I previously worked in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam for 6 years.

    The simple design balances with the traditional illustration (by the brilliant Andrew Denholm) which uses the Mekong river to weave the journey of rice as it is grown, harvested, transported and sold. Mekong Red Dragon Rice is available to buy in supermarkets in Vietnam from April 2010. It will also available online at