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You Smell

Heal's Tolietries

Paulette Macarons

Today's Tea

O+ Oxygen

Kamenitza LEV


Full Tank

Dumbbell Packaging

Azita’s Almost-All-American Hot Sauce


Hilo Hattie Premium

Love SavesThe Day

Christmas Wishes

Saddler's Creek Wines

Lucky 13

479° Popcorn

New Packagings of the World look

Hola everyone, I've just changed the look of my blog to a more enjoyable...…

Dannon Packaging by Amy Dresner Yules

Julie Regina

With just one year of working experience in the design industry, Julie, a recen…

Argo Tea

Outstanding usage of circles and tones by on the packaging by VSA partners. Arg…

Anat Erez Fellner

Katherine Ahn


Waitrose Vodka

David Jenkins, a r ecent Norwich graduate,  created this awesome Waitrose Vodka p…


“Costco provided graphics input, though the overall graphic design was ours (cr…

Biokleen Packaging

This is the package design that Kristopher Kanaly did for Biokleen while at his…

coriole for conservation ark

Bumble & Bumble


The Argentine package design agency Tridimage created the brand and package des…

Fruta Del Diablo

Packaging design by Moxie Sozo , United States. There are a wide variety of sal…

RUBYY - Blood Orange Energy

m&j cookie mix

This lovely cookie mix gift packaging is designed by Allie Packard from San Fr…

Flavored Pasta

Mister Nesbitt Grooming Kit

pepsi mojito

The Vintage Soda

Some of us grew up drinking from these bottles and cans, most of us threw away …

Damskaya - Vodka For Ladies

Pica Nuttalli (Student Work)

Chinese Shampoo Packaging

MATERNE Limited Edition Jam Bottle

Carlo Giovani Paper Packaging

not a box lamp

The Visual Thesaurus

Trillium Absinthe

Trillium Absinthe is one of the first legally produced absinthes in the United …

Sub Rosa Spirits

Mike Sherwood of Sub Rosa Spirits just emailed me some interesting information …

Ringnes Sommerøl

Weatherbey’s Fine Tobacco Concept

YOSHI GO Green Tea

Chinese Book Packaging