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Nostalgia Organics

Nostalgia Organics' products are made with antioxidant-rich fruit, nut and herb oils sourced both locally and from places as far away as Bulgaria and France. Each collection is enhanced with aromatic plant oils carefully considered for their aromatherapy and skin-nurturing benefits.
Nostalgia Organics 1
Butter Mints,Nostalgia's newest bar soap.

Nostalgia Organics 2
Gold starlets shining on the new aromatherapy balm packaging
Nostalgia Organics 3
New aromatherapy balm packaging
Nostalgia Organics 4
Botanical soap collection
Nostalgia Organics 5
Tiny satin ribbon

5 comments: Nostalgia Organics

  1. your blogs is amazing :)) wondering how you found so many interesting informations :))

  2. Thanks YieTze! Your blog is lovely too!

  3. Oh my Gosh! You've definitively sold to me! What a lovely presence they have too in their blog and website! Thanks for the eye candy and the product tip!

  4. It's heartening to find others so enraptured by packaging- and these are great!
    The Cath Kidston revival effect maybe?

  5. Very cute and attractive design in packaging.The ribbon makes it more attractive..


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