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Stonyfield Farm Yogurt

Webb Scarlett de Vlam redesigned the identity, Yo baby, Yo Soy, and many other Stonyfield products.
"Stonyfield Farm’s new package design clearly stands out on shelf, but more importantly, Webb Scarlett de Vlam worked hard to understand our core values and authenticity to ensure that the new design reflects the Stonyfield ideals. We featured a photograph of the Wayside Farm, one of the many Organic Valley family farms that supply our milk for our yogurt. We are proud of the fact that our organic milk comes from real family farmers who run real, organic farms and make real food for real people. Our packaging, which is our most important consumer communication medium, now reflects who we are and what we have stood for for over 25 years. Not many companies out there can wholeheartedly say that and mean it." -Attessa Bradley, Brand Manager

2 comments: Stonyfield Farm Yogurt

  1. Well, it's about time -- and the new design looks great :-)

  2. new design looks great close up, but looks terrible in the store setting. too much of the green overtakes the essence of the brand on shelf en masse. not a great redesign from the store perspective.


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