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"High above the internet super highway - This is the Real i! And we are on the highway now - Packaging of the World was featured on the episode 20 "weekly blog beat" - at 4:15 seconds to be precise!

The Real i is a national weekly web show produced at the AVERICOM studios in Charleston, SC. The quick, easy-to-watch format provides you with the latest headlines relating to the online marketplace.

The Real i is hosted by Emmy nominated reporter/producer Melissa McCormick. Currently, McCormick is the Director of Media Services at AVERICOM, LLC, a leading internet, media, design and applications developer. The Real i is produced, shot, edited and distributed from the AVERICOM studios.

"We're excited to be offering a show geared toward business professionals that is both informative and light," said McCormick. "In the growth of video online, I think "The Real i" represents an audience that is largely unserved."

As an Emmy nominated Reporter and Producer in two top 50 television markets in Pennsylvania, McCormick covered major stories, appeared on network news and interviewed presidential candidates.

With the realization that the "old television" is dying, McCormick jumped at the opportunity to provide a journalistic tool for the future and supply busy business professionals like herself the latest news in a fun, easy to watch web format.

You can watch the full video below if you can spare some time :P
And... we were featured as the Blogs of notes by blogger too! We are on the We are on the

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  1. Congrats! Everyone will kill for getting on the weekly real i show

  2. Congrats to you! You really deserve it because your content is of high-quality. I would love to have the same feature for my design inspiration gallery ;)! Keep up the good work!


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