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Incredible Dissolving Bag

Creative Review is the first magazine anywhere to trial a new packaging material called harmless-dissolve which was created in the UK by Cyberpac.

CR is working with Cyberpac on a range of experimental packaging solutions. Subscribers received our September issue in an envelope that could be re-used as a binder for our Monograph series (see here), while in October we gave subscribers one of six static prints of images from the Photography Annual (see here).

Why do a bag at all? We needed to bag this month's issue on the newsstand because it contains a free CMYK colour guide from Heidelberg. Rather than using a traditional polybag, we tried this. If subscribers would like one of the colour guides, please contact and we will send you one.

Subscriber issues come in regular, non-dissolvable, packaging this month - next month, though, we have something special for you.

More details from Cyberpac on how it works, also in the comments below: "The hot water is just to show you the biodegradability at speed. You don't need to boil it, just chuck it on the compost heap! We use this to package fish food as it dissolves in the water releasing the bait.

"Harmless-Dissolve is made from a hydro-degradable substrate which is 5 times stronger than normal polythene. It is a readily biodegradable, water soluble polymer which completely biodegrades in a composting environment, in a dishwasher or in a washing machine. It has no harmful residues and will biodegrade into naturally occuring substances - the bugs love it.

"It's non-toxic and is degraded by micro-organisms, moulds and yeasts. These organisms can occur in both artificial environments, such as anaerobic digesters, activated sewage sludge and composts and natural environments such as aquatic systems and soil. The micro-organisms use Harmless-Dissolve as a food source by producing a variety of enzymes that are capable of reacting with it. In the end the bag becomes carbon dioxide, water and biomass."

7 comments: Incredible Dissolving Bag

  1. Wow this is so amazing!

  2. incredible~! but is it really necessary? i mean, it's a little scary though

  3. Needed on water short California top replace the "Crappier" style toilets! Poop in it water free, then ship it to the bio-gass works to be turned into free consumer gas, and a safe sludge for top-soil fertilizing! Urine goed directly on lawns, gardens to replace fertilizers around the home, and presto! Waterless disposal replaces the 16 gallons per poop uused normally by Americans! Could even have a poop freezer for monthly pick-ups in a win win for agriculture! China does it and look how stronly they compete! We will soom have to get going too! This is one way to save fields and streams, lakes and rivers - by keeping them poop free! There ought'a be a law!

  4. Wow i heard that you can drink it too!!!!

  5. Wow!! Amazing. This one is out of this world concept. I hope that all plastic packaging could be like this. It saves our Mother earth.


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