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Stumptown Coffee

Designed by Fritz Mesenbrink.
Duane Sorenson, Stumptown’s founder, came to me with this bag redesign project. He had a bag with a slit in the front of it and wanted a way to display a ton of information about growers, farms, flavors, locations and more. Our solution was to make cards, colour-coded for each region.

3 comments: Stumptown Coffee

  1. I love coffee and this packaging is simply superb!

  2. wasteful - you cannot recycle the cards and the bags are non-compost.

  3. "wasteful" ? --- the bags are just fine….Just FYI, there is no such thing as an FDA approved biodegradable bag. Also the bag has to have a sealed vapor barrier for insurance company’s to insure it against product liability claims. And Organic can have up to 6% pesticides in it. The problem is not if you can recycle a paper card. My suggestion is to get involved in legislation to stop corporate America form highjacking the use of organic and fair trade. Fair trade certification only helps marginalize small farmers who cant even pay for pesticides if they wanted.


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