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BuckyBalls Magnetic Building Spheres are really awesome! You can build anything from rings to even complex structures. Each set contains 216 super powerful, rare earth, magnetic balls for you to play with.
Imagine a Rubik's Cube that actually makes you smarter; an Erector Set that never stops erecting; a Hula Hoop you don't look ridiculous playing with; Silly Putty that isn't silly; cram it all in a jar, turn the fun up to 11, and you've got BuckyBalls! Each set contains 216 powerful rare earth magnets that can be shaped, molded, torn apart and snapped together in UNLIMITED WAYS. Make sculptures, puzzles, patterns, shapes, stick stuff to the fridge, invent a new game—trying to find something more useful is useless.

2 comments: Buckyballs

  1. Thiago from BrazilApril 10, 2010 at 3:54 AM

    Hi, were can i find this Bucky Balls? this is really cool!!!

    I have a bunch o em


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