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Christopher & Mason

The artistic middle and lower class really need a brand of grocery they can identify and trust when browsing the aisle. Christopher and Mason looks to connect with certain people who appreciate great graphics but are not necessarily looking to pay for it. Christopher and Mason is printed on simple craft paper using only 2 colors (not spot) to keep costs down and be eco-friendly at the same time.

Designed by Alexis Champa

4 comments: Christopher & Mason

  1. It looks very much like an MRE. :( At the rate these would be produced an extra color per item would be a negligible cost. It would go a long way to differentiating items as any two or more of these together would just blur together.

  2. love this! great color and paper selection!

  3. What's an MRE? Why do people use all these abbreviations? IDMM.

    The titles are so large I think people could tell products apart. Not EVERYHTHING has to have colour coding!

  4. Don't understand how it can be only 2 colours if it's not spot? Surely the green alone is 3 colours (yellow, black and blue) if it's CMYK.


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