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Clean Clothes for Dirty People (Student Work)

This is a Laundry detergent packaging concept, designed for a class assignment under the "One of many" idea, so you can take home not just a box, but a part of an experience.
This great laundry detergent is to be sold on those every-day laundromats, designed for young, fun-loving, mess-making kind of people, living on their own.
The concept is "Clean Clothes For Dirty People" - inspired by the washing machine drum structure, soap bubbles, new found sexy chic of laundromat and urban living.

Designed by Lee Coren, a 3rd year student at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, Israel.

3 comments: Clean Clothes for Dirty People (Student Work)

  1. woooo it's a great one Lee!

  2. this is in israel.... are we part of asia yet?

  3. Israel is geographically in asia


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