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Oatrageous (Student Work)

The object of this project was to create a new image for an oatmeal in order to better position it in a market for women ages (25-35). Building on the "healthy and delicious" appeal of oatmeal, I utilized images to visually depict the ingredients: milk, fruit and oatmeal. The slight curve in the cup is not only more ergonomic but it also insinuates a thinning waistline. The tin foil covering the top of the cup will differentiate each flavor as each fruit is represented by a different color.

José Luis García Eguiguren's latest academic project at Elisava Escola superior de disseny.

4 comments: Oatrageous (Student Work)

  1. This is outrageously beautiful, i like it.

  2. Love the shapes, sexy and delicious.

  3. me encanta la interaccion de la fotografia con el concepto. Creo que se ha llegado a un equilibrio perfecto. Me encanta la simpleza que lleva y sobre todo que con tan pocos elementos logras expresar mucho. sigue adelante

  4. Me gusta mucho. Tiene limpieza, está hermoso y se ve muy funcional...bien por el diseñador!


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