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Airborne (Student Work)

Designed by Staci Paul, a graphic design student at the University of Wisconsin-Stout who will be graduating in December 2010 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Graphic Design and a Minor in Digital Photography.
Airborne is an effervescent immunity supplement taken to boost immunity. The aim of the new identity system and bottle shape is to reflect the bubbly, effervescent qualities of the product itself as well as the feeling consumers gain when taking the supplement. A new tagline "happiness is airborne" is utilized to reflect the idea that happiness can spread just as germs do, so spread the happiness of Airborne. Happy comments from customers are printed on the backs of the packaging. The bottles are complete with a peel-back nutrition label to eliminate the need for a box, and the caps are magnetic and containing cheery sayings to hang on the fridge and further enforce the idea of spreading happiness.

3 comments: Airborne (Student Work)

  1. Is this a student project or an actual redesign?? The aesthetics are WORLDS better than the current packaging, but I'm not sold on the "happy comments" part of the concept. As someone looking for a product to help me not get sick, or get better faster, the "happy comments" don't sell me on efficacy.

    BUT the packaging structure and graphics are lovely and sophisticate, and the colors clearly communicate the flavoring. Well done on those fronts!

  2. I don't think this packaging is the actual design but I do think this package makes me interested to take it from the shelves! Airbourne are you listening?

  3. When you stare at packaging all day, you hope from time to time you see something as unique as the immunity supplement bottle in the first image- awesome.


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