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Heinz Pure NZ

Designed by Acorn Brand Design, Australia.
The Heinz Pure New Zealand range was created to launch a range of premium vegetables that embody the product's origin and authenticity. It was also important to create an offering of quality, unadulterated by genetic modification. The packaging is authentic, honest, transparent, environmentally sensitive with a sense of humour.

The back of pack also features a 'webcode' and directions to a website that allows the consumer to find out exactly where the products are grown, which farmer grew it and a photo & bio of the farmer. The website is and to check it out, use this code 89082B - We think its pretty cool! It is also the first transparent bio degradable packaging in the Australian frozen category.

1 comment: Heinz Pure NZ

  1. Wow - ok, just tried out the code - that was really cool; takes knowing your local farmer to a whole other level.

    I live in San Francisco, in the states, and could see something like that going over so well with folks here - particularly with the amount of concern we have with GMOs in our corn, soybeans, etc.

    Here's my question though - they're claiming that the packaging is biodegradable. Do they have any certifications to back up this claim? The major international certifications for compostable plastics are ASTM D-6400, D-6868, and EN 13432. I've seen a lot of packaging abusing the terms biodegradable and compostable recently, and if they don't have one of those certifications, then it's a pretty bogus claim.


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