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Packing Bulbs (Student Work)

Packing Bulbs

In a research of material optimization, Melissa Pilon Has Developed this system of packaging for light bulbs in my race packaging. Exploring folding and optimal technical and non-polluting materials, the attractive packaging in IS ITS Functionality. From this sustainable approach reefing year aestheticism of simplicity and elegance impregnated.

via: Packaging | UQAM

Packing Bulbs 2
Packing Bulbs 3
Packing Bulbs 4

3 comments: Packing Bulbs (Student Work)

  1. Gee, sustainable? This uses about 200% more cardboard than the current small boxes we find everywhere. Let's not even think about the extra space needed for that. And the bulb is physically exposed…

  2. ya it doesn't feel very secured, especially when it comes to logistics

  3. Flimsy stuffs are the most suitable for this creative concept of packaging. I was amazed!


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