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Limon & Nada (Student Work)

Designed by Mika Kañive for his master degree at ELISAVA Escola Superior de Disseny (Barcelona).
This project included the design of a new bottle for Minute Maid and the new graphic style for it's label Limon & Nada that became into a line of 3 flavors. What I tried to represent in the bottle as in the graphics was the natural essence of the product. The bottle was inspired from the forms of a pear, rounded and irregular. For the label design I explore the hand made which helped me to represent the natural of the product. Having all that defined, I made the Fresa & Nada and Naranja & Nada juices to have the line completed.

2 comments: Limon & Nada (Student Work)

  1. the hadwriting makes it messy, instead of "natural"
    it would've been better to keep some of the text in computer typing, and the illustrations by hand

  2. That's a cool one! sometimes we need to explore new concept on how the graphics appear on the packaging. It's like finalizing a sketch. NICE!


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