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Designed by Turner Duckworth, United States.

Our design for Canpull is visual simplicity itself. Graphics and pack format combine to inform the consumer how the product works. No copy required ...
No words are needed to explain this product's function. The gadget is held in place by hooking onto the packaging itself and simply demonstrating a can being levered open.

2 comments: Canpull

  1. Probably like most people, I use an old butter knife if I can't get my finger under the ringpull.
    I like the logo and simple pack. I'm slightly saddened, however, that the solution to a piece of packaging failure (containers that users can't open) is to make another packaged plastic item rather than to innovate and improve the food can.

  2. I especially like how the "C" in Canpull crudely resembles the can's ringpull on top of the can. Definitely selling the product in word and its use.


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