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Everything (P-Money)

Designed by Marx Design, New Zealand.

P-Money was in the process of launching his latest album ‘Everything’ and wanted something more fun, more original, than the album art on shelves in New Zealand stores right now.

Inspired by the many sample tracks on the album from days gone by – everything from 70s funk to 80s electro – we decided to celebrate the days of analogue; the days when everything was hand-crafted because there was no digital world filled with toys like Photoshop. The album artwork - which took more than 350 hours to complete - is constructed from styrofoam, balsa wood, coloured paper and cotton wool which we then shot as part of a diorama. The computer image is made relevant by the fact it is key to P-Money’s music production process - he feeds all the retro samples in to his computer in order to spit out tunes for a new generation of listeners.

The Cover


The Screen

Back Cover

The Disc


Making Of The Album
Constructed from styrofoam, balsa wood, coloured paper and cotton wool

The Retro Computer

  Now you know why it took more than 350 hours to complete!

3 comments: Everything (P-Money)

  1. Ryan that looks mean! Good work bro!

  2. I think this is really great. Taking crafting to a whole new level. Nice work Mr Marx.

  3. Great work, I can't imagine how much work was put into this project


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