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Italian Spaghetti (Student Work)

Designed by Neal Fletcher, United Kingdom.

My spaghetti packaging design stemmed from a project I was set on my degree course, we had to pick one of five difficult objects to package (spaghetti, marbles, an egg, a single rose or custard powder).
The reason I chose Spaghetti was because I always find myself wasting spaghetti as I'd always cook too much, so I wanted to address that problem in some way.
There are already measuring devices for spaghetti on the market but nothing within the packaging itself, giving the consumer the spaghetti in 6 equal servings to save on waste, the packaging can then be re-used and kept forever.
It was my aim to create something that was visually appealing but also addressed a problem and could serve as a useful aid in any kitchen.

3 comments: Italian Spaghetti (Student Work)

  1. I like this design... and actually convenient as you can serve in number, as well as for those who is on diet can measure the limit by just opening 1 slot for 1 person

  2. Genius! Though you could turn the center into an additional compartment, looks like it would be a double serving... or two single compartments.

  3. Superb! This could be the right packaging for pasta noodles. You can actually know the level of serving.


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