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Replenish is selling you an empty bottle. That’s because they say "an empty bottle is the most optimistic bottle you can buy."

Rethink The Bottle

See, we don’t want clean to come with a price – to you or the environment. Too often packaging is designed to transport water. Packaging that still had a one-time use and ended up where we’d rather not have it go.

We decided to look at the problem differently and to make an environmentally friendly cleaner in a bottle you reuse, again and again (because there’s nothing enduring about a throw away culture). The result is a cleaning system that makes for a happier wallet, home and planet.

We love recycling. Unfortunately, all too often recycling is just throwing away something, but done with a better conscience. Where it goes after it’s out of your hands is a matter of faith. We know you expect better.

And we know we can all do better. Let’s reuse what’s already been made. Let’s get a couple of more lunches out of those sandwich bags or find something for a shoebox to hold. It’s a smarter way to use products. It’s a better way for us all to live.

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