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Kent Brushes

Designed by Ben Cosby, the Creative Director of Kent Brushes, United Kingdom.

Kent Brushes is my family business, we are the world’s oldest brush manufacturers. This year is our 234th year in business having started what we do way back in 1777. The company was founded by the Kent family and sold to my family (Cosby) in the 1930’s when the Kents ran out of sons to take on the business! We employ around 28 staff and are regarded as the world’s finest brush makers. We have held the Royal warrant for 9 reigns in recognition of our high quality and our craftsmanship.

We like to say that we make a brush to suit every hair type and every price point. The brushes you see here are a few from a range called ‘Finest’. They are hand shaped and hand finished but machine filled brushes and they range from about £20 - £45. They are sold around the world in department stores and fine pharmacies.

Our old pack had many issues that desperately needed addressing – they were hard to open and then re-close without damaging the pack, they were susceptible to tearing and damage, it was hard for customers to identify which brushes were mens and which were ladies, they were a nightmare for our staff to construct, in some cases the company logo was incorrect, the list goes on....

Armed with a pad and paper and a list of wants and needs I set about drawing a new pack. After several ‘homemade’ card models and lots of sleepless nights the pack you now see emerged! There are 2 distinctive colour ways to identify the mens brushes from the ladies, the large window hinges open to allow full access to the product without risk of damaging the pack and hidden magnets are used to quickly snap it back into place and hold it securely shut. The satin lined tray that holds the brush is removable and our Kent guarantee booklet and care instructions are housed behind it.

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