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Munchy Seeds

Designed by Ziggurat Brands, United Kingdom.

Here’s a test. What is it that your brand actually does? Are you making snacks? Are you making ingredients for cooking? Are you perhaps making bird food? Munchy Seeds looked like they could have been doing any of them. Tired packaging, tiresome messaging. We encouraged the brand’s original ethos and produced an identity that puts the nutritious into nibbling and the mindful into munching.

6 comments: Munchy Seeds

  1. I love this design it appeals to me via various colors and the animals which are really hands would entice me to look at the packaging on a shelf. I like it a lot. Bravo!


  2. This has been around a while now, but it's still brilliant.

    Why does it say Ziggurat Brands, United States, this was designed in the UK.

  3. Thanks for pointing it out leenewham, we had the incorrect info, cheers

  4. Beautiful design !

    Could someone tell me where to source the container from ?
    Ripul :

  5. great designs, I actually did not realise it was a hand at first.

  6. Love this, creative and fun. Have you seen their new chocolate seeds? Lovely silver packaging.


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