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Bio Tins (Concept)

Designed by Anne Kobsa, Germany.

The tins, containing biological conserved vegetables, are perfect for today´s busy people, who want to eat healthy and organic. Most of them don´t have time to shop and cook, so the tins fit quite perfect in those timetables.

Buy a lot, storage them in the pantry, use when needed - and live healthy!
Biological tin tomatoes, chamignons and peas got produced by organic farming.

The Labels are printed on organic paper, the illustration style, done with ink and aquarelle, gives a feeling for nativeness and pureness.

2 comments: Bio Tins (Concept)

  1. I think would sell for sure at a Capers or Whole foods. Love love love this kind of design!

  2. Good to see this nutritious products. The canning as a packaging look so perfect and the design is totally amazing. I wish I could see this soon on market.


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