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John Altman Cookies

Design by Gummo, Netherlands.

We were hanging out on Baker Beach in San Francisco when we bumped into John Altman giving away free cookies. We were entranced.

It might have been the weather, it might have been the vibes, it might have been the intense combination of sour cherry and rich chocolate, but they were the best damn cookies we’d ever tasted. When we told John this, he said only one thing: “Spread the love. Like, make people happy, man. Take the recipe, bake the cookies, spread the love."

So that's exactly what we did. Our cookies come in 3 flavors: Sour Cherry & Chocolate, Green Apple & Almond, Grapefruit & Butterscotch. They are 100% natural, Fair Trade and delicious. Well, that's what people tell us. One guy we know loved them so much he called his children Grapefruit and Butterscotch. Now that's what we call spreading the love.

The outside of the packaging is made of uncoated paper, creating a fresh look that harks back to the bags that John himself used to use back in San Francisco. The bags are sent to retailers in a ready for display box that's fully recyclable.

2 comments: John Altman Cookies

  1. Really wonderful packaging design - some of them look almost like they’re should be like this. I am showing appreciation to you for sharing this information I am looking into these types of packaging design from a long time.

  2. can you design my product like this ?


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