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Designed by Voice, Australia.

It wouldn’t be a stretch to claim that birds are somewhat over represented on wine labels. When Voice was given the task of designing the packaging for Longview Vineyard’s sparkling wine, W.Wagtail, they recognised the importance of creating something that really stood out from the existing flock of bird themed labels.

Drawing on the audacious personality of the wine’s namesake, the Willy Wagtail, Voice modelled the label on the styling of bird watchers membership certificate from the 1940s. The ornithological subject matter was an opportunity not only to feature the local birdlife but also to feature the flora that exists around the vineyard, which hinted at the fruity and colourful flavours of the wine.

Voice dutifully handcrafted the entire certificate from scratch. To maintain the soul and structure of the original vintage certificate, Voice created the fictitious ‘Longview Sparkling Wine Society’ and its list of patrons and committee members, which cryptically referred back to those involved with the production and crafting of the sparkling wine.

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