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Noo-Del (Student Work)

Designed by Helen Maria Bäckström, Sweden.

The brief was to make a package with a second life.

Noo-Del is a playful and simple packaging that will stand out on the shelves. The decor of a geisha refers to Asia and Asian-food and the decor gets extra playful with the eating-sticks which gives the illusion of being the geisha hairpins. The effect is even more fun when you eat from the package!

The package is useful in several ways: it is easy to carry with, when adding water you can heat up the noodles in a microwave and eat direct from the the package which has a shape of a take-away-package when opening it.

4 comments: Noo-Del (Student Work)

  1. A very unique work, nice combination of style and colour!

  2. this is awesome :) thanks for sharing!

  3. when I first saw this work in a inspirational post on a blog, it didn't catch my eye, but when I toked a second look, this Noo-del kept stuck, can't get it out. it is a really good work and impressive because it's a students work.

  4. Nice packaging concept. Very cute!


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