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Designed by The Design Studio 13, Moldova.

Fresh View to the German Wine Collection “Weinfest” from Design Studio 13.
The designers created new labels for the well-known German wine «Lieberfraumilch»,
«Schwarzе Katz». In the design of the labels traditional elements were used: bright blue and white colour combination in the label, bottle shape, blue colour of th Rein bottle. The wine collection includes different wine brands. A label was created for each brand. The themes of each label are comic images.

3 comments: Weinfest

  1. Is a comical/cartoon approach the most effective one for this product and its target audience? The bright color palettes are attention-getting. Just wondering if the product needs to be positioned as more high-end than the illustrations suggest.

  2. it is the fault in the average price sigmente

  3. We've just written here about whether to judge wine by appearances.

    To do so in this case would be cruel.


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