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Bulldozer Beer

Designed by Firstbase, India.

As the name suggests, we wanted to create something that gives a feel of the name the brand carries! The task was also to give it a very fresh and out of the box look that has never been tried for a beer.

7 comments: Bulldozer Beer

  1. Kool!! luv the way the water droplets condense over the cans in the pic...!!! :)

  2. Awesome! Well done.It looks like honey bee.
    If I go to supermarket or CVS, I'm so sure that I will chose that one! It looks taste like honey which means great taste!

  3. Very well execution of the design, love the font and the colours. Yellow, and texturized black colours do suggest masculinity, mainly because these colours are used in construction equipment and machinery. Good work!

  4. Great work!! Love the design and colors.. Very different from what has always been done. Love it!!

  5. I've taken an interest in Firstbase as they have helped Slime Sandwich with our brand image and visual content for our massive multiplayer game. You can see more of Firstbase's work at I appreciate the way Sumit and his team think outside of the box in regard to visuals and I have to say I love the design for Bulldozer Beer. Doug Glover CEO Slime Sandwich.


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