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Coma Wine

Designed by Andreu Zaragoza, Spain.

Label design for Coma wine produced in Capçanes (Tarragona). As the name surprises, we can read the dictionary description of this word with a new definition that says: "A good wine from Capçanes".

After designing the Coma wine label I wanted to make a packaging project to experiment giving curved forms to cardboard. I used only black and white cardboard, without printing.

2 comments: Coma Wine

  1. I love the label/logo, looks very unique! Although i'm not sure about the curved box, will you put anything else inside, besides the bottle? Looks to me that there's a large, unnecessary empty space near the top of the box, unless you intend to pack a bottle opener, or something in there?
    Good job on the logo, though!

  2. The shape of the box is very interesting. The 2 tone design is good too! Well done.


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