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Gutfried (Concept)

Designed by Baita Design Studio, Brazil.

Gutfried is a traditional German delicatessen manufacturer, searching for an innovative packaging design for the poultry sausage in order to differentiate from the competitors.

The new packaging concept should only be for the outer packaging of the product and should be innovative, modern, high quality, visually appealing, attention-grabbing and practical while being environmentally-friend and resource-saving packaging materials.

A plastic cup in the form of the product, with a cap so the once opened sausage keeps fresh for a longer time.

4 comments: Gutfried (Concept)

  1. It is kind of unnecessary to put a wrapped sausage into another container. The sausage wrapping already serves as a preserving container, butting another wrap around is a waste of materials and time. I'd suggest to coming up with something that would allow to store the product without any wrapping around it, that would keep it fresh, at the same time make it easy to open/use, similar to what you have now.

  2. Not really a waste. Just an innovation. New concept of packaging to preserve food for a long period of time.

  3. I would make it accordion shape to make it easier to take out from the package when the sausage becomes short.


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