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Plain Cigarette Packaging (Concept)

Designed by Jennifer Noon & Sarah Shaw, graduates from Loughborough University, UK.

The implementation of plain packaging for cigarette packs in Australia has attracted a lot of press attention in recent months. Plain packaging is an option the British government is now considering introducing, in a effort to make cigarette packaging less appealing. Plain packaging would involve removal of all branding, logo’s and colours from the packs with just a small indication of the brand and type of cigarette.

We aim to create a pack which removes the last form of legal advertising for cigarette manufacturers in a hope that this loss of identity will have a positive effect on the market, reducing the number of people taking up smoking and possibly influencing some existing smokers.


Our primary aim was to change the structure of the pack making it less ergonomic. The pack was developed to be difficult to use and carry, it is hard to fit into pockets due to its triangular shape and the angled inner means the cigarettes are hard to get out. The lid is designed so that it closes efficiently but after a few uses it becomes weak, meaning the cigarettes can fall out if being stored in a ladies handbag.

We decided to use an off putting colour on the outer of the pack choosing a yellow green which was identified to have negative connotations. We then added a mould texture to really emphasise the disgusting feel of the pack and reduce the glamour appeal for young people.

For the warning imagery we focused on aspects which would appeal to the users vanity, considering the primary market would be teenagers. We used more ‘realistic’ warning images such as yellowing fingernails and wrinkles, as our research revealed the majority of warnings were seen as being ‘far fetched’ and unbelievable.

For the text based warnings we focused on real time effects such as the reduction in a persons life expectancy per cigarette and the ingredients. The warnings are fact and more believable due to their imminent nature. We used a positive slant of the warnings informing the smoker of how their health will improve once they stop.

Another important aspect is the inclusion of stop smoking information which appears on the back of the pack. The stop smoking help line is detailed inside the pack so every time the user opens to pack they see it.

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  1. It used to be five minutes.

  2. hilarious one! this can be a cute packaging concept for cigarettes.


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