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Rhythm (Concept)

Designed by Farruk Tillaev, United States.

Stay in Rhythm! This simple, colorful design is for a concept energy drink - Rhythm. The idea behind the design was simple - to create a drink cover that would be appealing to the young people who try to stay in Rhythm, whatever they do. The pattern on the can is composed of various icons that associate with a retro/popular culture (guitar, DJ, Boombox, and of course, Afro hairstyle)

3 comments: Rhythm (Concept)

  1. I feel like this might be too busy and may confuse the consumer.

  2. Thanks!
    Possibly the positioning of the text needs little improvement, that's what probably causing it to look busy to some, but the pattern itself, i think, has nothing to do with being confusing.

  3. I'm going with Jordan on this one. Seems a bit too busy. Changing the wording would probably help a bit. Not too bad though, I'm sure part of our society would more easily identify with the design.


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