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Copperpot Originals

Designed by Collaborative Thought Design, United Kingdom.

Background - Copperpot Originals is a brand new range of traditional confectionery from one of England's finest family confectioners.

- Create and launch a brand identity and packaging solution for a range of premium confectionery. The design needed to reflect the product's superior quality and the company's traditional methods & heritage.

- The main design element to the brand is the quality seal device and band that wraps around the cartons. The seal is used as a symbol of distinction and emphasises the product's authenticity, blending classic heritage with a contemporary design. The band element acts as a highly effective colour coding system to differentiate between each product across the Copperpot range when on display and features the product title.

Art direction of the product photography collaborating with photographer Paul Richards of pr4photos ensured we kept the look and feel of the packaging across the whole range, opting for a set of three pieces which creates maximum impact with minimal clutter.

The premium aesthetic of the packaging is completed with a foil blocked logo on the front and copper sticker positioned on the top of the carton which, when removed at opening reinforces the feeling of receiving something very special. The combination of all of these elements create an eye catching design with powerful shelf appeal.

The success of the Copperpot branding has meant that the range is now distributed throughout the world.

3 comments: Copperpot Originals

  1. Simplistic and interesting! Would like to see how it looks from the top, since there's a copper sticker there.

  2. a good mix of tradition and up to dateness. nice!

  3. I'm starving staring.Very Colorful packaging and very catchy.


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