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Active Packs

Designed by Coho Creative, Ohio, USA.

Active Packs, a healthier lunch-kit alternative, was anything but active in grocery aisles. It was “old school” and just did not connect with today’s kids & moms. A new brand strategy was needed, so Coho Creative was enlisted to give the brand a boost. While the Active Packs team worked to make the product more nutritious and delicious, Coho developed a new brand image that combined a lively personality, unexpected fun, and a touch of wholesome natural goodness. Now that Active Packs are ready to get back to action, lunch just got better!

4 comments: Active Packs

  1. Very good work! Would love to see the packaging before all this branding was done. Also, is the apple shape cut in the box that lets you see what's inside?

  2. Gold Mine! This is a brilliant idea and is much needed! The packaging is very attractive and eye catchy. If I had kids I would set them up with some active packs. Lets just hope that Active Packs doesn't think that pizza is a vegetable!

  3. Awful packaging. It is way to BUSY! I bought it for my grandson and no where on the packaging did it say how to serve the chicken nuggets. No one I know eats chicken nuggets cold and it does not state that they are cooked already or what!!! There is no phone number on the packaging for consumer affairs either. I finally heated them up in the microwave. My grandchildren ate it, but I will NEVER buy this product again due to the busyness of the box and lack of information about the chicken.

  4. Totally love this packaging! Very eye-catching and friendly. Wish it was my design!


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