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Burger King Global Packaging

Designed by Crispin Porter + Bogusky, illustrations by David Iglesias, creative direction by James Dawson-Hollis and art direction by Mike del Marmol.

Burger King launched its newly reinvented global packaging. The fast-food king sought to universally expand its appeal across various international markets by minimizing the use of copy and adding more emphasis to their products.

The result was a bold, illustrative approach at showcasing some of their more popular menu items. David Iglesias' assignment involved illustrating various sandwiches, sides and ingredients, as well as redesigning their existing icon system and sandwich wrappers.

5 comments: Burger King Global Packaging

  1. The amount of work is .... wow...speechless!!

  2. I like! it's just WOWWWWWWWWW

  3. brilliant detail!

  4. I actually first saw these when I went to Thorpe Park (UK) during the summer. I noticed that BK had changed their packaging straight away... I was thrilled about the designs at the table and my family didn't understand the fuss I was making... So... I'd just like to say personall, GREAT JOB! To the designer. Loved it.

  5. This one is really awesome. The packaging is quite planned and organized. I will do enjoy eating with this kind of service.


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