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Mate Diet Tea

Designed by Kang Kyung-Ho, bld design, South Korea.

Mate tea is good for diet, known as 'green tea in Latin America'. Generally, mate tea is a diet healthy beverage, and it is considered an unharmful food product by the United States Food and Drug Administration.

In the way that, we choose the well-being concept for a package of mate tea.
By utilizing the shape of the bowl while drinking, this package can provide an impression that makes a feeling of slimmer than before.

This is the concept that makes consumers help to feel the effect of losing weight indirectly.

8 comments: Mate Diet Tea

  1. Wow Great Idea!!! Love the way how it interacts with the pouch

  2. Haha ;) Great! I wonder who's responsible for developing cute things like that

  3. The idea is great, but the design isn't appetizing at all.

  4. First I liked the idea, but then when I think about drinking the tea, it will probably give you an association of drinking body-fat, which isn't that appetizing to me.

  5. The idea is pretty great but it could be taken completely the wrong way. It's fairly risky packaging. It would be interesting to see how it enters the market place and what kind of media coverage it will get.

  6. "Mate tea is good for diet, known as 'green tea in Latin America."

    Actually, Mate is considered more of a traditional drink. In Argentina, for example, we consider drinking mate a social experience, an excuse to meet with friends.
    although it is widely agreed the benefits of the beverage, like it's digestive properties, Mate is more than just a "tea"

  7. Very connected details. The image on the packaging is perfect for diet. It really burst out the idea of the product.


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