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Egg Package (Concept)

Designed by Nuno, Portugal.

The body of the packaging was made in aluminum, because it is a material with very good thermal conductivity, its cold but it gets to the hand temperature fast Because it's made of aluminum the package can be placed in the pan with boiling water, thus adding value to the package, getting another personality beyond the commercial transport between the supermarket and home. It is structurally very strong, gives a lot of protection to the egg, and very durable The packaging is reused infinitely.

There is no need to use containers of wood pulp that have to be recycled. Go to the supermarket and transport the eggs, don´t bring anything you don't need. This adds advantages in the entire chain of production and consumption, before thinking about recycling we have to thing how we can reduce the waste that we have to recycle The egg can be cooked in the package, making it easier to insert and remove the egg from the pan This package can go from the supermarket to the plate.

4 comments: Egg Package (Concept)

  1. Cool dude! I like it!

  2. That is the kind of thing that will never work in real life, might look cool in the first sight but if you stop and think, you will see it takes a lot of space an money. Instead of pack of 6 eggs you going to have 1 egg taking place on the shelf, plus how much will cost such pack? you are going to pay 20 dollars for one egg. If you are going to buy a dozen of eggs you will end up with about 12 bags plus your car butt full. Maybe in a Steven Spielberg movie, sorry mate :(


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