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Sally's Natural Cereals

Designed by Ideas that Kick, United States.


Minneapolis, MN, January 09, 2012 — A packaging system created for upstart challenger brand Sally’s Natural Cereals by Minneapolis design consultancy Ideas that Kick has proven so successful that, less than a year since launching in Canadian Walmarts, Sally’s is now expanding into U.S. markets.

That’s what the Minneapolis agency likes to call Shelf Kicker™ results.

“Sally’s has been so successful in Canada because it’s a great product that really stands out on retail shelves,” says Kick president and brand strategist Mary Kemp. “Our bag design proves an important point. Value brands don’t do themselves any favors with discount design. Value shoppers respond to engaging, playful design, too. Nutritionally and environmentally responsible choices also make Sally’s a better choice than a typical value brand — and our bags accentuate those choices.”

“Simplicity is the key of our package design concept,” continues Kick executive creative director Stefan Hartung. “We started with a distinctive color palette, but limited graphics to an elemental dot pattern. This unfussiness made the brand’s powerful messaging the star. That’s incredibly important because each package features messaging in French as well as English. Our design also allowed the client to make the minimal adjustments necessary for the brand’s American debut.”

Sally’s Natural Cereals are now available in select U.S. Walmarts across the nation.

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