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Scrumptious Splendid Cereals

Designed by Ideas that Kick, United States.

The Most Important Indulgence of the Day

“Treat yourself to the breakfast you deserve,” it says across the back of each bag of Scrumptious Splendid Cereals.

For this upstart challenger brand, Minneapolis design consultancy Ideas that Kick created a packaging system that communicates taste, quality and adult indulgence to consumers at first glance. Each bag brings an entirely new retail concept to life.

“We delivered a retail experience as delicious as cereals with such one-of-a-kind flavors as True Blueberry Duet, Caramel Pecan Joy and Chocolatey Banana Bliss,” says Kick president and brand strategist Mary Kemp. “Our packaging suggests it’s okay for breakfast to be a little treat. Imagine a bistro dessert in your cereal bowl.”

“Our simple, sophisticated color story and clean, elegant type define Scrumptious as the indulgent alternative within the adult breakfast cereal category,” adds Kick executive creative director Stefan Hartung. “Small stand-up bags create a shelf presence totally unlike our client’s competition. And we delivered bags that are the opposite of another boring box with a bowl full of brown stuff on the front.”

You can look for Scrumptious in Walmart cereal aisles. Select flavors are being tested in regional markets.

2 comments: Scrumptious Splendid Cereals

  1. I wanna see the back of the pack!

  2. Best cereal ever!! I hope my Walmart will carry it soon! The packaging is beautiful and what made me try it!!


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