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La Luna

Designed by Baruch Naeh Strategic Design, Israel.

A new ice cream brand “La Luna”, for the American market.

The brand offers premium goat milk ice cream and sorbets. Goat milk is established as the ecological, conscience and healthier (naturally low fat) alternative to cow milk.
The brands obligation to sustainability is manifested by totally recycled packaging and, free range goats free of antibiotics and chemical additives.

The design concept and strategy for the brand was “divine sins”, meaning “if it tastes like a sin but it’s actually good for you, it must be divine”, another strategic decision was made, not to have the ‹goats› as the brands leading message, even though it is the RTB for all the brands claims, this side of the brand will be in the dark, on the back side of the package.

The brand values are: mystery, prestige, hedonism, quality, and taste. Taking all this in to account, we immediately thought of the moon: mysterious, magical, divine and always showing just one side.

2 comments: La Luna

  1. every time when i saw this design, i just can not help going here to look at this design...

  2. The design looks like a moon and it is very beautiful. The best packaging concept i saw.


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