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This project was carried out in working-team together with Julia Castaño, Yesika Aguín and Marta González, students of ELISAVA, Barcelona, Spain. Module "Desire and wine packaging" with Xavier Bas.

This is a design for a wine label. The creative idea is to immerse the users into an improvised route by bicycle through the Adriatic coast.

We tryed to show each of the three different trip stages within three different labels: The beginning, showing the feeling of nerves and uncertainty in the beginning of the trip; Midway, showing the anecdotes and experiences lived in the way; The End, it is about the goodbye of our adventure, the experience of all we have lived during the trip and all the memories we keep.

The three bottles of wine are united through the drawn-hand line, and in every label increase the number of bicycle saddles which symbolizes the meeting with more people in the way.

3 comments: Adriático

  1. Me encanta, enhorabuena chicas!!

  2. What a fine wine bottle. The label look so smart and full of youth idea. I haven't seen like this before or even now. Very perfect work.


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