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Apex Art Supply (Student Work)

Designed by Kyle Mannschreck, Kayla Ferriera, Josh Sanders, Maritess Desiderio, Felicia Chiarello and Jin Fujiwara, students of the Academy of Art University, United States.

Our brand offers inspiration to the artist. Our customers experience an emotional connection with the brand and become a part of the art community when through come to our store and actively engage in community based events and workshops. To be an artist means something to us and we believe that each of our customers, no matter age or experience, is an artist in their own way.Apex consists of our top-grade products for professionals.

We ask ourself what is that inspires artist and anybody who wants to become an artist.We had to find an universal language that communicates that we are offering sophisticated products, and also inspire the customers. Our solution was to use canvas paper which everybody can relates the feeling when you get brand-new canvas. The inspiration that blank canvas inspire and encourage to do new art was the reason that we chose canvas paper for our packaging design. And on the back we created triangle system ( which triangle represents Apex) that explain the what the products offer such as color, thickness of pen, etc.

2 comments: Apex Art Supply (Student Work)

  1. Great work! Looks really nice and I loveeee the triangle with all the colours on it on the back of the package! Really nice touch

  2. Graphic presentation is extremely professional and well formatted, and the stark contrast of black and white dominance with reserved control over color placement imbibes a sense of strength and confidence in product quality as opposed to relying on excessive color to capture the consumer eye. Often times less is more, and this is a fine example of this concept carried out quite successfuly. Kudos on the superb design effort, however, the grammer in your product statement needs proofing if you truly want to impress prospective clients. . .


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