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Muesli On The Go (Student Work)

Designed by Beatrice Menis and Catarina Pinheiro, both students of ELISAVA, Barcelona, Spain.

The purpose of this project was to design a packaging for bulk products using an eco-friendly material which takes care of the product while taking care of the planet at the same time. We chose muesli as our product, a healthy and nutrient breakfast that you can combine with milk, yogurt or water.

In our "muesli on the go" store you can choose between two different packs: one to take away and one to store bigger quantities of muesli at home.
The take away packaging it's the perfect solution to have an healthy break wherever you are; it's big enough to fill you up and small enough to carry it with you in a comfortable way.

The secondary packaging, the one you can take home with you to store a bigger quantity of muesli, it's white as well and the same label works as a closing mechanism.
As we're considering the environment for both packagings we used green polyethylene as it's a 100% renewable source; they're both without ink in order to reduce production costs and pollution.
To identify our brand we've designed two kind of stickers with a varied color palette, they're made of a special biodegradable green label. The first label is with our logo and the other one with the ingredients you choose to mix in your pack and hints on how to reutilize the packaging.

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