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Wake Up Coffee (Student Work)

Designed by Katie O Sullivan, Ireland.

The brief: to create and design a packaging solution for a product extension of Duracell. In using Duracell’s core brand values strong, powerful, trustworthy and there statements “a little Duracell when you need it” “ the right amount of energy for you”. I chose instant coffee as my product, that is more powerful and stronger and convenient for those on the go that need an energy boost to wake yourself up. The tagline is 'Ive got the power'. I decided to do small portable products that are instant, which are mini cups and also coffee shots.

I also differentiated what people’s needs would be for this product and I decided to divide them into the different times of the day.

2 comments: Wake Up Coffee (Student Work)

  1. at first i thought they are energy drinks... the bottles are a bit misleading and the packaging looks like they where tonics. but coffees are somewhat a kind of energy drink so it may get away with it. but seriously, it doesn't look like a coffee product, at least for me.

  2. What ever it is, it sure got my attention. Awesome name and typography :)


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