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Designed by Jeongmin Lee of mmiinn, South Korea.

Seal it tight!

X-tape series consists of X-tape:[hinge], X-tape:[o-ring], X-tape:[strap], X-tape:[tower bolt].

It visualize the function of packaging tape : combine.

Images of objects in relation to combining such as hinge create optical illusion as metaphor.

12 comments: X-tape

  1. where can you buy

  2. Awesome! its a wonder why hasn't anyone think of this packaging tapes before.

  3. This is something that makes you say "why didnt I thought of that?"

  4. I have seen the same crazy ideas from Proven Products & Services!!!

  5. were do you buy it??????????????//

  6. I found a place to buy it and I put 2 rolls in the shopping cart. They are $19 US a roll. The cost of the postage to Australia was in excess of $160 (without the product) so, needless to say I didn't buy them. As much as I love them, I can't pay that much in postage!!! If you must have them, you can find them here:

  7. Im from México , where can i buy it?

  8. There is a store on Etsy called "MechaKucha808" that sells the hinge and strap tape for $15.00. Every place else I searched charged about $19.00. Now I just need to find the other prints for that price.... It's a very cute and unique tape...quite addicting :)

  9. Дмитрий РомановMay 21, 2013 at 5:15 PM

    Как много интересных идей и воплощений для, казалось бы, такого просто скотча

    Мне всегда по душе креатив!!!

    Тут многие спрашивали, где купить оригинальный скотч?
    Рекомендую одно место...Скотч, посвященный Дню Победы!


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