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Fune Sushi Takeaway (Concept)

Designed by Gerlinde Gruber, Austria.

This packaging design is inspired by the streamlined frames of ships and fish. The material saving cut, needs no complex graphics and is easy to assemble without adhesive. It includes a carrier for the soy sauce cup and the chopsticks are used as a needle for closing. The containers are space saving, reduced to its essentials. Biodegradable PET-coated cardboard was chosen, as it's an eco-friendly material that can be recycled along with normal waste paper. It gives the finished product a clean look. Red and black were picked as they are strong colours associated with Japanese culture.

This packaging design is called FUNE - Japanese for ship.

1 comment: Fune Sushi Takeaway (Concept)

  1. Such a pity that chopsticks are not hygienically clean anymore in this packaging solution :(

    Other than that, very pretty and appealing package!


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