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Designed by Version-X, United States.

I.C.O.N. came to Version-X wanting to create a sub-line of products that focused on one central ingredient - the rich Moringa Oil from India. This new INDIA line needed packaging that reflected the warm colors and rich textures of that land. The intricate patterns and metallic inks seem to want to tell a story of their own as you explore each new product.

2 comments: INDIA by I.C.O.N.

  1. In my opinion the design on the box doesn't match the bottle design. I feel like the branding pertains to two different markets. The box seems like it would attract a more earthy/spiritual market whereas the bottle is more modern young professional style.

    What do others think? I'm I way off here?

  2. You have a point there, Jordan. I think what is more impt is the box, I wouldn't have the chance to really look at the bottles so it doesn't really affect the branding that much.

    Just a student's 2 cents worth.


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